She Begins Taping Squares Together On The Floor – But When It’s Flipped Over? AMAZING!


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Do you love large area rugs but don’t like the large dent it makes in your pocketbook? It’s easy to make your own using carpet squares (or carpet tiles) and tape. Although each person may do it a little differently…here is the gist of the project!


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Gather Your Carpet Squares

You might be lucky enough to have a sampling of carpet squares or tiles in your collection. If not, try Craigslist, eBay or find out if your local carpet store is willing to part with some random samples for a low fee. They don’t all have to be the same size, but they should at least be of the same type, such as deep, fluffy, or thin.


Arrange The Pieces

Lay the pieces together on the floor in the exact pattern that you want. It may take a few tries to figure out what you want the final look to be. You can cut extra pieces to fit inside any gaps.


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Trim The Edges

Use an exacto knife or scissors to trim any stray carpet edges. This will keep the finished product looking neat and tidy!


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Use Carpet Adhesive

Flip the carpet pieces over in the same exact spot that you laid it out, and apply carpet tape, TacTiles (or even Duct tape), to the bottom. Do this until every single carpet seam is connected together.


Non-Slip Liner

To keep your carpet from moving around, you should consider applying a non-slip backing, such as a shelf liner. You may be able to find this at the dollar store!


Flip It Over

Turn it back over, and you’re done! You can create a beautiful monochromatic mosaic rug for the living room, like this one here.


Need Another Example?

Check out how amazing this rug turned out! And to think, it all started with some leftover carpet squares…


Watch this video to see first-hand a carpet tile rug being made!

So Easy To Make

This is just about the easiest project out there that delivers such big results. With only a few items, you can create a piece of home decor that your guests will be gushing over.

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