The Maid of Honor Decided Upon A “Different” Speech, Even The Groom Was Not Prepared – WOW

Hayley and Paul O’Brien have just gotten married and are enjoying their wedding reception at the Owen house wedding barn in Mobberley, Cheshire UK. But then comes the time for the maid of honor, Hayley’s sister Rachel Winterbottom, to deliver her speech. She tells about how she had to research the speech because maid of honor speeches don’t happen much in their country.

Rachel learned about the importance of the toast. But she knew it would be hard to think up a heartfelt, memorable toast that linked to Paul and Hayley. She thought of incorporating the toast into a workout or singing it, and knew these were not good ideas, a sentiment which is echoed throughout the audience as she speaks.

Yet the thought of music stuck with her. While Rachel can’t sing, her sister Hayley loves to. However, Rachel did have a talent up her sleeve – and when she reveals what she’s about to do, gets many cheers from the crowd and lots of laughter from the married couple! Her personalized version of “Ice Ice Baby” is a truly memorable performance, sure to delight her family and friends for years whenever they look back on this video.


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