Struggling Single Mom Buys Winning Lotto Ticket, Then Tells A Sad Homeless Man To Get In Her Car

On February 13, 2016 a young woman named Sofia won $200 on a scratch ticket in Wareham, Massachusetts. With struggles of her own, the single mother of three was so excited to spend her unexpected reward on her family.

As she left a gas station with her winning ticket in hand, Sofia looked up and saw a disheveled homeless man standing outside in the freezing cold.

The man, named Glenn, was holding a sign that said, “Anything Would Help.”

Sofia looked closer at Glenn and realized he was shivering and crying as the frigid wind whipped all around him. She rolled down her window and offered to buy him a cup of coffee. He was hesitant, but accepted the offer.

Sofia treated Glenn a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. As they got to talking, she asked where he was going to sleep that night. Glenn revealed that had been homeless for three years and slept on the streets in sleeping bags and tents.

That’s when Sofia remembered the $200 she’d just won.


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Sofia told Glenn to get inside her car — and what this single mom did with it next took the internet by storm.

A single mother of three named Sofia Lorena posted the following story to Facebook:

“Tonight I won $200 on a scratch ticket…I was so excited until I looked up and met Glenn.

He was holding a homeless sign his hands shook and he was crying as the negative degree wind whipped his face.”

“I rolled down my window and offered to buy him coffee which he was hesitant but grateful to accept.

As we drove to Dunkin Donuts I asked him where he was going to sleep he said he didnt know so on the way I called the local and other homeless shelters within a 10 mile area…no spots.”

“It was then I knew why I won the $200, God placed Glenn in my path for a reason, so I drove him to the Rosewood Inn in Wareham and paid for a 2 night stay.”

“I’ve never seen a grown man cry; he began praying and telling me I was an angel.

So tonight I know my new friend Glenn is warm.”

Less than 24 hours after posting her story on Facebook, Lorena’s friends started sending Glenn food and warm clothing. She also set up an online fundraiser; strangers helped raise nearly 20,000 for Glenn in just two days.

In the end, Lorena won so much more than cash from a scratch ticket — she got herself a friend for life. Please SHARE this incredible story with your friends on Facebook!


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