14 Sensational Things That Happen When You Put an Ice Cube at This Point on Your Head

Did you know that you can actually use ice cubes for something other than cooling your drink?

The tiny cubes can help you heal, energize, and recharge your body. You will feel younger and fresher.

You can achieve all this by holding an ice cube on a particular spot on your body. It’s located right where your head and neck meet.

This technique is inspired by traditional Chinese acupuncture. Experts call it Feng Fu.

Hold the ice cube on your Feng Fu for 20 minutes. The whole freezing thing is normal, but you will feel a bit warmer after the first minute.

Do this every day, and you will be amazed by the way you feel, and the endorphin splash that will strike you.

Health benefits of ice cube treatments:
  1. It enhances digestion
  2. Prevents colds
  3. Improves sleeping
  4. Strengthens cardiovascular system and improves breathing
  5. Relieves headaches, joint pain, and toothache
  6. Treats STD and gastrointestinal infections
  7. Prevents degenerative spine changes and treats neurological disorders
  8. Regulates blood pressure and treats arthritis
  9. Treats thyroid disorders
  10. Relieves asthma symptoms
  11. Removes cellulite
  12. Eases weight management
  13. Relieves depression, insomnia, stress, and their psycho-emotional disorders
  14. Relieves menstrual aches, treats infertility, impotence, frigidity, and issues with endocrine glands.

Who thought that a few ice cubes can restore your body’s natural balance? Try it today, and feel better tomorrow.

You will enjoy the amazing energy boost, and relieve negative symptoms in cases of epilepsy, schizophrenia, pregnancy, and issues in patients with pacemakers.

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