Don’t throw out your pop bottles. Here are 9 ways to reuse them

Recycling your empty soda bottles is great, but so is finding ways to repurpose your old bottles into cool crafts. Fortunately, there are many ideas available, and they’re easy and fun to create.
From kids’ crafts to organization and seasonal projects, the opportunities to turn soda bottles into something truly amazing are endless.
1. Snowman snow globe (h/t Crafts ‘n Coffee)
Get ready for the holidays with an adorable DIY snow globe constructed from a soda bottle instead of glass. Not only does this create an unbreakable snow globe, but it’s a clever way to reuse soda bottles for seasonal decor.

2. Seed pots (h/t Seattle Sundries)
Use liter bottles to craft cool seed pots that self-water. This is a great way to get veggies growing, start an herb garden, or even grow flowers with kids.

3. Kitchen cup dispenser (h/t Craft Your Happiness)
A plastic soda bottle becomes a convenient and functional paper cup dispenser. Use the cups to grab a quick drink of water, or for crafting. Coordinate cup colors to your dispenser for a streamlined look.

4. Cat planter (h/t Bru DIY)
Some paint and a template turns a soda bottle into a whimsical planter fit for any feline fan. You can also use it for storage and toss coins, pencils, or craft supplies into these cute containers.

5. DIY sprinkler (h/t Clever, Crafty, Cookin’ Mama)
Make a homemade sprinkler you can use to water your yard or for kids to play in using a few simple supplies. Don’t spend cash on a sprinkler when you have the makings for one in the fridge!

6. Bottle bracelets (h/t Charisa Darling)
Teens will love creating trendy cuff bracelets using empty soda bottles. They are easy to customize with markers, paint, or fabric and an inexpensive craft for parties or organizations.

7. Jewelry holder (h/t EPBOT)
Make an elegant-looking jewelry holder that will have you doing a double take when you find out it’s made from repurposed soda bottles. The end result is really pretty, and it’s a good way to get jewelry off your dresser and organized.

8. Snowflakes (h/t Artest)
Celebrate the changing seasons by turning plastic soda bottles into sparkling, magical snowflake decorations. These make adorable ornaments or would look cute hanging on a present.

9. Penguin decorations (h/t Craftberry Bush)
Who knew soda bottles could be this adorable? Have kids help you paint penguin decorations that look precious in your home or even outside during the winter and holiday seasons. You can even use them to create a game like indoor bowling.