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How To Remove Mold From The Washing Machine To Prevent Respiratory and Skin Infections

Mold, a substance that sometimes comes from the walls even in the equipment that we use to clean. Just as you listen to it within the things we use to have our clothes clean, it can have many bacteria.

These bacteria that lodge in the mold particularly can generate diseases of respiratory type, one worse than the other, in fact, 2% of the population in the United States is exposed to these bacteria.

That is why we want to show you how you can clean your washing machine and thus not only take care of yourself but also be able to take care of all your loved ones.

Many of these people who are affected are identified by having diseases such as asthma, chronic allergy, among many others.

The way you must do to remove mold from the washing machine

Mold for many people is classified as a type of fungus, the reality is that you must eliminate it because it can cause endless diseases, all through a simple wash that we will teach you to prepare here.


-12 cups of water
-A quarter of lemon juice
-1 cup of hydrogen peroxide


Simply mix everything in a plastic container preferably and do the following.

Clean the seal with a cloth and this liquid in a spray.

Place the liquid behind the seal also because usually there is a lot of molds stored there.

Clean the washing machine as such in the same way as the hoses.

Clean your washing machine once a month to prevent it from continuing to arise.

Do this at face value so you can keep your washing machine clean. Apart from if you also have other dirty equipment we recommend that you perform a monthly cleaning of each of them.

As for example, if you have gray ponytails what you should do is let it soak in chlorine and squeeze it until it returns to its original color.

And finally, you have to throw away that dirty water. When you do this you can gradually see the changes in your health and the lives of those who live with you, not to mention that your clothes will even feel different in terms of cleaning the washing machine.

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