Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Much As Children

Women who have children and husbands at home will often tell their husbands that they are merely just the oldest child. Husbands may get miffed by the statement but there is an inherent truth to it. With all of the added stress that husbands bring to the equation, it is no wonder why so many wives make this joke. In some instances, they may not even be joking!

Wives who believe that they have to parent their partner in order to get the best out of them are going to get a real kick out of this study. is responsible for the titular survey and the results are stunning. Over 7,000 mothers were questioned for the study. The average mother was asked to rate her stress level on a scale of a 1 to 10.

Can you believe that the average mother reported a stress level of no less than 8.5? 46 percent of the women who were surveyed said that their husband was responsible for increasing their stress. They even said that their husbands were more responsible for boosting their stress levels than their children were. Three out of every four mothers also reported that they felt responsible for carrying a larger load around the house.

Husbands everywhere ought to be ashamed of these findings. 20 percent of the mothers who were surveyed directly blamed their husband’s unwillingness to contribute for the stress that they experience each day. The mothers who were surveyed also said that they feel as if they do not have enough hours in the day to get all of their tasks done.

While some may want to pooh pooh these results, they should sound familiar to anyone who speaks with a mother on a daily basis. According to another study, wives are believed to become healthier if their husband passes on first. This should serve as a major wake up call to all of the men out there who are not doing their fair share around the house.

Problems like these need to be fixed. Talk to your spouse and let her know that she is appreciated. Take more initiative to help out around the house. Give your wife some much needed opportunities to recharge her own battery. Look for ways to lighten the load. Be sure to share this story, so that all of the lazy husbands out there can get the lead out and stop doing their past impression of a bump on a log.