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    If You See A Pickle Ornament Hanging From Someone’s Tree This Christmas, Here’s What It Means

    Pickled cucumbers are often used as condiments for hamburgers and hot dogs, or as crunchy jumbo-sized snacks. They’re supposed to be food, but in some parts of the world, they’re used as DIY Christmas tree ornaments! Believe it or not, this trend is slowly starting to spread across the entire country. Of course, Christmas trees […] More

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    Devoted Dad Becomes Homeless To Save Drug-Addicted Daughter’s Life.

    Parents who see their children enduring hardship or going through a rough patch will stop at next to nothing to help ease their suffering. From going public about bullying to foregoing a meal so their own children can eat, a parent’s unconditional love for their offspring has no equal. Then there are parents like Paul DiGiacomo, who take it […] More

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    Diabetic Woman Orders Food, Something Crazy Happens (Photo)

    A diabetic woman took to Facebook to share the story of what a Burger King employee did for her when she had low blood sugar and needed food. Rebecca Boening said she was driving when she felt her blood sugar level drop, so she decided to take the next exit and go to a Burger […] More

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    Mom ‘dies’ during childbirth – then dad whispers 2 words in her ear and turns pale

    Doug and Melanie Pritchard were expecting a smooth delivery with their second child. Melanie’s pregnancy had progressed just like it should, but when she got to the hospital, everything changed. Melanie told one of the midwives that something felt wrong while she was waiting to deliver her little girl. She felt dizzy and nauseas. The doctors tried […] More

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