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    He raised a gorilla, 6 years later, it meets his wife – despite the warnings she walks too close

    When multi-millionaire and wildlife conservationist Damian Aspinall introduced his new wife to two of his old friends, he didn’t think he would have to worry about them stealing her away from him. Especially since they’re gorillas! Damian Aspinall raised two gorillas, Djalta and Ima, from the time they were little gorilla babies until they were 12-years-old. […] More

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    Owner Claimed ‘She Didn’t Notice’ Shepherd Starving To Death

    A poor German Shepherd only weighed 16.5 pounds when she was rescued – she was starved to death. The poor dog was owned by a couple, Sara and Richard Loche. 46-year-old Richard himself held prison records for causing cases of animal neglect, as a ten-year ban on pet ownership and 1 year’s worth of community service were placed on him. […] More

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    You’ll Squeal When You Hear What This Parrot Said To Her New Best Friend

    JoJo the Indian Ringneck and Buddy the Quaker Parrot are alumni of Birds-I-View, based in North Carolina, a company that are seen as bird specialists! They help recover birds in need, provide an educational exotic bird presentation for schools and other organisations, as well as install habitats for both residential and commercial properties. JoJo and […] More

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    Sharing A Bed With Your Cat Could Make You Seriously Ill

    The old saying goes that if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. But if you lie down with cats, you may wake up with something much worse. A new survey by a pet insurance company from the UK has experts worried. It found that half of the 2,000 people who responded […] More

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