Here Are Six Ways How To Use White Vinegar To Wash Clothes! You’ll Be Surprised By The Results!

You have white vinegar somewhere in your house for sure. Bear in mind that this is a great ally for washing your clothes. Plus you will save a lot of money.
You will be more eco-friendly because you don’t need to use softeners and other cleaning agents. White vinegar is in fact vinegar which is distilled from pure corn, sugar cane, or malt alcohol. Apart from adding flavor to the salads, it can have different usages.
It can be used as a very good facial lotion. It is a powerful cleanser, which cannot harm the epidermis and can remove the bacteria or toxic elements.
Take a look at what does the white vinegar help you:

1. White Vinegar Helps The Recovery Of The Color Of Your Clothing
It is incredible, white vinegar not only that does not damage the colors, but it makes the color stronger especially the ones that have faded.
You only need to full the compartment in the washing machine for softener with just a little bit of white vinegar.
Do not think that clothes will smell of vinegar. The washing itself will remove the smell.

2. White Vinegar Can Replace Your Softener
The conditioners can cause a small damage to the clothes in addition to the washing machine. They are able to stretch out the elastic in the clothes or areas that include any type of rubber.
Additionally, it represents another contaminant that has an impact on our environment. That is why we can start using the white vinegar as a replacement of the conditioner.
For doing this you only have to put white vinegar to the compartment where you are putting the conditioner.
The quantity depends on the weight of the clothes.

3. Avoid Clothing Lint
This is very unpleasant. You have bought a new sweater or pajamas, and after a few washes, it begins developing the well-known lint.
If you want to avoid this you should add a little white vinegar and the fabric will be lasting longer and it will also be in better condition.
It is very easy to do this: when the washing machine will be in the last rinse cycle, you should include half a cup of white vinegar (100 ml).

4. Clothes That Smell Bad Or “Musty”
Usually when we take out the clothes from the closet from the previous season they have that “closet” or musty smell which is very hard to remove it.
Or, sometimes it has happened to use to forget the clothing in the washer during the night. Then the next they smell dreadful.
If you want to get rid of this smell and be sure that your clothes will smell clean and fresh you should use the white vinegar.
You only need to add it in the softener compartment during the washes.

5. Remove Sweat Stains
Usually there can be irritating sweat marks especially on the white clothes. Most of us often use aggressive products in order to remove them however they are wearing out the fabric slowly.
That is why we are giving you the best solution:

  • Put one teaspoon of white vinegar (100 ml) diluted in a glass of water (200 ml) in the armpit of the short article of clothes.
  • You should rub for several seconds, and then leave it like that for 10 minutes.
  • At the end wash it normally in your washing machine right away. The results will be amazing.

6. White Vinegar For Lengthening The Life Of Your Washing Machine
If you want to lengthen the life of your washing machine you should run a wash cycle with only water and white vinegar once a month.
For preserving the quality of the rubber and also for getting rid of the left behind soap or mold, you can use a wet rag with white vinegar.
If you use these things routinely you will be able to prevent the bad smells and also lengthen the life of these appliances.
That is why you should not wait any more, and start using the white vinegar.