16 Most Overrated Hollywood Celebrities

The Hollywood stars on this list are some of the most popular personalities across the globe, but do they really deserve the hype and attention we’ve given to them? Are they really above their celebrity peers? Well, we believe that these celebs are highly overrated and we need to reconsider their worth.


Taylor Swift

How she got famous? By topping music charts through short, simple songs like “You belong with me”, “Crazier”.

Why is she overhyped? Okay, you saw this coming, don’t lie. We do agree that teenage girls find her lyrics to be very relatable, but is she really worth all the hype she has around her? Her pop-meets-country music isn’t that unique after all, is it?



Katy Perry

How she got famous? By kissing a girl, and liking it. A lot.

Why is she overhyped? Well, have you seen her without makeup? We bet you wouldn’t find her hot then. Russell Brand, her ex-husband, tweeted a picture of barefaced Katy and proved us right.



Jessica Biel

How she got famous? By marrying Justin Timberlake.

Why is she overhyped? If you ask her, she says her beauty is the real problem. If you ask us, we’d say she’s definitely not as beautiful as she thinks herself to be, and also, not even that talented.



Justin Bieber

How he got famous? Through his baby-face and his army of “Beliebers”.

Why is he overhyped? This “singing” star has literally nothing to offer other than his baby face. He made Selena (his ex) look like his old aunt. How can any adult in the world find him good-looking? Also, what’s new in his music?

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