An Eye-Opening Tour

Diane Dekker Redlegs is a mother of five and certified paramedic – that means she’s used to quite a bit of chaos. But when Diane and her family took a tour of her husband’s family member’s home when he children were still young, she was shocked by the cleanliness of the property!

Diane shared her feelings about the house then on Facebook.

“Nineteen years ago, Scott, all five kids and I took a trip to Omaha. Kenny was 10, Todd was 8, Kevin 5, Ryan 2 and Lisa was 6 months old. We took a day and went over to visit Scott’s aunt and uncle who lived in Omaha, in their beautiful new home. When we pulled up, the exterior said to me, ‘This is what dreams are made of.’


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As his aunt gave us a tour of their home, I just remember thinking how amazing it would be to have such a beautiful home, full of rooms and bathrooms and a huge kitchen that screamed to be full of family and fun, but what stuck out the most in my mind and sparked a completely different envy than just the size of the house, was the vacuum lines that remained in the carpet in the formal dining room.”

“As we strolled into the dining room, I remember thinking to myself, ‘Oh my gosh! Her vacuum lines are still in her carpet probably a week or more after she vacuumed! What I wouldn’t give to clean my house and have it stay magazine perfect for more than five minutes!’

I couldn’t wait for the day that I would be able to do that and not have it messed up by sticky little fingerprints on the perfectly waxed dining table, or Legos hiding under the table, or walking in to discover Ryan’s latest art creation had so carefully been designed on the wall with crayons. “

The perfectly placed vacuum lines indicated that his aunt and uncle lived a clean, mess-free, stress-free life. That was something Diane envied deeply!

They Grow Up Fast

But just as Diane’s looked around the spotless formal dining room, another thought struck her.

“That’s when I realized that vacuum lines are lonely. That Legos, dirty clothes, mouths to feed and backpacks to get ready are sometimes very overwhelming, but they are never, ever lonely – and that what the old ladies had been telling me was true!

The Legos slowly disappeared without me ever noticing. They were replaced by video games, and then football gear and then by empty bedrooms waiting for a visit home from college or life.

The loads of laundry gradually got smaller, the dirty dishes were less and the endless treasures of Pokemon cards, or rock collections all disappeared. Everything sits magazine ready in my home now and I appreciate and love this time of my life, I only wish I had known the cost of vacuum lines, because then I surely wouldn’t have wanted this day to come as fast as it did.”

Vacuum lines and a consistently tidy home meant an empty, unloved, unused home. No more tiny pitter-patter of feet running across the carpet. The decades seemed to pass right before her eyes, and soon she was faced with the reality of week-long vacuum lines herself!

Being Clean Isn’t That Important

Now Diane shares this sad realization with other mothers who are desperate for a magazine-like home every day.

“To the young mothers who struggle through the mountains of laundry and responsibility: cherish your children, their messes, stresses and the Hell they put you through as teenagers. Trust me, the vacuum lines are overrated.”

Those all mean that your home, and your heart, is filled with the love of your children. That’s something Diane wouldn’t change for the world!


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