We can’t say that we’re surprised that Darci Lynne, the incredible ventriloquist has made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent.

The talented 12-year-old stole the judge’s hearts with her brilliant ventriloquism and vocal talents as she sang through her puppets.

With numerous puppets under Darci’s belt to play with, she brought back Petunia, the diva rabbit from her first audition and Oscar the timid mouse from the quarter-finals.

The act starts with the puppet pair squabbling over who should be allowed to sing during the finale. Eventually, they agree on singing a duet.

Oscar, the mouse then says: “Darci, why don’t you just stand there with your mouth closed like you always do”.

The puppets then sing The Beatles classic song ‘With A Little Help From My Friends‘.

That’s funny, a mouse and a rabbit singing a song by two Beatles?

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