There’s nothing quite like cozying up with a good book, snuggling into a well-worn sweater, and sipping on a pumpkin spice latte to celebrate the beginning of fall. But even if you love fall and everything about it, you might be a tad sick of pumpkin-everything. Not to worry, as there’s a new trend that may be taking over: pineapple jack-o’-lanterns. Most of us grew up carving them out of big, cavernous pumpkins, but now people are trying out this new trend and sharing it all over social media. You might say it’s a bit of a “pumpkin colada,” or a mash-up between a piña colada and a pumpkin.

If you don’t want summer to end, a pineapple jack-o’-lantern may be just the thing for you.

This new trend especially makes sense for those who live in more tropical regions where pumpkins are not so abundant.

Creating one of these takes a little practice and extra effort. You first need to cut off the top, and then use a pineapple cutter to remove the fruit inside. Next you’ll use a knife to carve a face or whatever design suits your fancy, then you’ll place a tea light in the center for that classic jack-o’-lantern glow. Keep in mind that pineapples don’t last as long as pumpkins. But hey, there’s always peppers!

Would you try this with your family?