As activism and feminism become more mainstream, so does the topic of extreme body hair. Fashion statements like fluffy underarms, fuzzy legs and bushy eyebrows prove there there are no boundaries when it comes to body hair in the name of style.

Although, beauty stars on Instagram may have just found somewhere to draw the line with the introduction of hairy nostrils.

Since its creation, Instagram has been the hub of bizarre beauty trends (how could we forget glitter beards), meaning that hairy nostrils really do have a home on the photo sharing site. But, the verdict is still pending on whether this trend will be worn in public.

The look, which is created using two false eyelashes, has divided opinion online. “Are you insane? You look like an idiot”, one user wrote, whilst another exasperated user typed, “RIP humanity”.

However, the trend isn’t exactly all it seems. Initially it began as a satirical trend amongst comedic users, before it went viral with many assuming it to be genuine. Now users are participating in the trend unaware that it began as a joke.

Comedy YouTuber, Davison Video, even created a tutorial for the look to educate her 13,000 followers on how to recreate the look at home. “This has been the year of female facial hair gone wild,” Davison tells the camera, “we’ve mainly focussed on the eyebrows, but we’ve dabbled a little in the eyelashes so now really all that’s left is the nose,” she said, brandishing a packet of fake eyelashes.

Davison then speculated that “nipple hair” could be the next focus, before beginning to get to work with the tutorial. “I look like an old man on the bus,” Davison says as she shoves the eyelashes up her nostrils.

Getting serious about the task in hand, she begins to focus on perfecting the trend. “I want my nose hair extensions to be on fleek and if I don’t take this seriously they are not going to be,” she says.

The experimental look is unlikely to find itself making it out into society. For now, it is firmly contained to Instagram, along with other quirky trends such as squiggle brows.

Although, with winter on the horizon, furry nostrils could be a welcome addition to save you from the terrible chill. Although, we don’t like to think about what would happen if you contracted a cold whilst wearing fake nose hair. One swift sneeze could see the little piece of fluff flying across a room. Ew.

Beauty trends adapt every day, so it was only a matter of time before neglected nostrils were explored. Although, this trend highlights exactly why the nostrils are never touched by the beauty industry. Some things are better left untouched.

What will it be next? Fake chin hair? Furry teeth? The possibilities are endless as far as Instagram is concerned, so watch this space!

If hairy nostrils aren’t for you, but you want to rock the furry trend, Paris Jackson is your role model. The teen is not afraid to flaunt her hairy underarms and legs. You go girl! She even accessorized her MTV VMA Awards dress with fluffy armpits…

So, do you think the hairy look is nothing more than an attention seeking trend that will quickly die, or is it a feminist statement that we can expect to see more of as the years go by?