There are some videos that just touch you right down to the core.

‘Mama’ was a 59 year old chimpanzee matriarch of a famous chimpanzee colony in Arnhem, Netherlands.

After a lifetime of playing an important social matriarchal role in her colony, she had become very sick and ill.

As you see at the start of the video, she has refused all food and drink.

She was on the way out and had accepted that fact.

When her old professor friend, Jan Van Hooff heard that Mama was very sick, he immediately headed back towards his old research grounds to see Mama one last time.

After he arrives, Mama begins to recognize him and become more active.

Then it hits her. She finally realizes who is in front of her.

Oh my gosh, you’ve got to see it! It’s so touching, it’s hard to describe in words.

Animals are such a gift, be sure and go give your some rubs and hugs!