There’s always that one kid at school who’s managed to contract a case of lice. We can all recall the inspections in the nurses office where the usually kind lady would suddenly be rushed and not in the mood for jokes, I’m sure. They comb through your hair among everyone else’s and then discover someone’s got lice. From there it becomes a race to either shave the head entirely or use the “special shampoo” enough to kill the lot. Well, there’s actually a rather cheap and inexpensive method you could use right from the comfort of your own home.

Because children tend to spend more time together than adults lice are much more common with them, but that in no way means you’ll gain some sort of immunity as an adult. Your chances are lower, but that’s not a guarantee you’ll never see the little buggers.

If they do ever choose you then you’ll need to be prepared for the signs. If your scalp has been itching a bit more lately than usual, that’s a sign. If there’s noticeably more dandruff, that’s another sign. Those are really the only ones you need before you should ask someone to take a look for you, if not just one. So if they do come up, instead of spending a small fortune on the amount of small hotel bottles of lice shampoo you’ll need, why not just make it yourself?

All you need is a lice comb — which is insanely important not to forget — some mouthwash, white wine vinegar and a plastic shower cap. You might also want to keep a towel handy but that’s not really mandatory.

First, you’ll need to rinse your hair out with the mouthwash and cover it with the plastic cap. This may sound like something completely insane, but have a little faith. Lice actually dislike the strong smell brought about by mouthwash and tend to navigate away from it. Let that cap sit for an hour and you’re ready for the next step!

Second, you’ll need to rinse the mouthwash hair out with the vinegar. This will help remove all the eggs from each follicle of hair, so while it again sounds a little weird there is method to the madness.

After letting the vinegar sit for about another hour, head out to the shower and wash your hair thoroughly with whatever shampoo you prefer. Once you finish up and before your hair dries, run it through a few times with the lice comb you recently purchased since hardly anyone ever has those on hand. It was a sound investment.

Lastly, if you’re aware of a case or a few from your own child’s school, spray their hair with just a bit of mouthwash before they leave in the mornings. Not only will they have the opportunity to smell like Listerine all day, but they’ll have a higher chance of remaining lice free. And that is of course coming from the Healthy Life Center.