It was a crucial time in Alice’s life, and her dad was aware of the fact that they may soon drift apart if he didn’t do something about it. She was about to enter the fourth grade, and her dad recalls very clearly what happened.

At just 10 years old, Alice found herself without a mom. Their wife and mother left the two of them, changing their lives forever.

Alice was at a loss without her mother. Her dad was forlorn and worried now about his daughter, not just himself.

At that point, Alice’s dad came up with a challenge for the both of them, hoping that it would keep his daughter close to him, yet it would only work if she agreed to it. Neither of them knew the lasting impression this challenge would make, but it all started with just one night.

Alice’s dad remembers those childhood years very well, and so does Alice. She doesn’t hide her feelings of how her friends would be out having fun at parties in high school, yet she and her dad were left alone in the house doing the exact same thing every day, which was simply reading.

After years and years of the same routine, Alice became so used to reading a chapter out of a book every night, and she wasn’t ashamed of it in the least. In fact, she knew that their daily habit made her a better person.

Her grades reflected it, and little did she know it at the time, but the nightly reading sessions would one day lead her to become the young woman she would one day become.

Alice was so young when she lost her mom, yet her dad remained dedicated to her. He made sure she knew how much he loved her by indulging in the same challenge he came up with all those years ago.

This father is an incredible example. Watch how just one simple routine helped his daughter to become successful in life in this unique video below.