It’s difficult for a parent to leave their child in the care of a nanny or daycare worker. You want to make sure that person is trustworthy and will take care of your child the way you would.

Well, if they had any doubts before, this family now know they have found the perfect nanny in Caroline Maurer.

Caroline has been nanny to 2-year-old Fox since he was a baby. Fox’s mother, Courtney Davis, was a first-time mom and found that having Caroline there to help out was exactly what she needed.

Caroline and Fox have formed a strong bond and have a lot of love for each other, but never was that more clearly on display then when they were on a morning walk together.

Caroline had strapped Fox into his stroller and they were taking a stroll around the neighborhood. They came to an intersection with a four-way stop. With no cars at the stops, Caroline proceeded to cross the street.

All of a sudden, though, a car plowed through one of the stop signs and turned left, heading straight for Fox’s stroller.

In that split second, Caroline made a brave decision that saved the 2-year-old’s life. She pushed the stroller with all of her might, getting it out of harm’s way as she put her arms up, yelled at the driver to stop, and braced for impact.

The car hit Caroline head-on, resulting in arm, hand, and wrist fractures. Worse than the physical pain, though, was hearing Fox’s frightened cries coming from the stroller and having no way of getting over to him to comfort him.

“He was screaming Nanny Caroline I love you which was breaking my heart because I couldn’t hold him,” Caroline recalled.

Caroline was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries where she was soon met by Fox’s grateful parents.

“I think my first reaction was: She’s family for the rest of our lives,” said Fox’s dad, Bill Wolkoff.

Caroline was in the hospital for two-and-a-half weeks and in a rehab facility for another two months. She has had to undergo multiple surgeries, but doctors warn she may never regain full strength in her hands.

Because Caroline has had to put work and school on hold, Bill and Courtney set up a YouCaring page to raise money for her expenses.

Caroline says she has been overwhelmed by the support she has received, but is just happy that Fox’s life was spared.

“Publicly reliving this leaves me grateful, tearful, loved, and anxious regarding my own worthiness in this crazy world brimming with need,” she said. “I am happiest to see Fox, still whole – still perfect.”


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