On a cold December day in 2008, a homeless German Shepherd puppy desperately searched for somewhere to sleep.

The little puppy was all alone in the world, and all he wanted was a safe and warm place to spend the night. When he came across a Nativity display, it must have seemed like a miracle to him. The puppy laid down and went to sleep.

The next morning, residents of Santa Catarin, Brazil were shocked when they saw the tiny puppy lying next to Baby Jesus in his manger.

A crowd of people gathered around the German Shepherd. He looked surprised to see all the people watching him, but he didn’t move from his spot. The bystanders shot a few photos of the puppy curled up in the manger, trying to keep warm. The photos quickly went viral, and since then, they’ve circulated almost every year during the holiday season.

The photos are so popular because they tell the perfect Christmas story.

When the residents of Santa Catarin saw the puppy sleeping in their Nativity scene, they didn’t yell at him or chase him away. They showed compassion to the sweet animal.

Since the photos first went viral, people have been trying to find out what happened to the puppy.

While no one knows for sure where he went, most people think that someone in Santa Catarin adopted the little puppy and welcomed him into their home.

The town of Santa Catarin showed true Christmas spirit when they opened their hearts and their town to a homeless puppy who had nowhere else to go. This wonderful Christmas story is going to continue delighting people for years to come!

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