A little boy experienced a trauma that no child should ever have to face. He was savagely beaten by a grown man. His family is left wondering–who did this? What kind of man beats a child to within an inch of his life. Read his story below.

“On May 6th 2016, the mother of this precious baby boy received a phone call that no parent ever wants to recieve. Her child had been beaten and had trauma to his head. He spent 4 days In the hospital and was released yesterday may 10th. He has no bleeding on his brain nor skull fractures, it is soft tissue swelling and bruising.

“God had his hand on this boy as he endured everything that man did to him. The man who did this, is out here walking free as we speak. I’m making this page to not only raise money to go into a savings account for colton for what he chooses in the future, but to raise awareness that you can’t trust ANYONE. We need to get justice for Colton and make sure this man doesn’t walk free.”

Please pray for this little boy, and pray that the man who did this gets the punishment he deserves.