Little Caleb loves to dress up as a firefighter, pretending to go around the house, saving his family members. But now, it is his family that wishes they could save him, after a truly startling diagnosis has everyone who knows Caleb praying.

“Caleb was just diagnosed with neuroblastoma, classified as stage 3 cancer.  The mass is quite large and surrounds his aorta and renal artery.  Caleb will have to endure a blood transfusion, biopsy, and a bone marrow test followed by 5-6 rounds of chemotherapy before any surgery can be preformed.  Caleb will have to travel back and forth to the hospital every 28 days for 5 days of treatment.


Caleb is a fun loving 3-year old with two older sisters, Sarah and Rachel who are 13 and 9 years old. Caleb’s father, Courtland Lambert, has served the citizens of Richmond, Virginia as a firefighter for 15 years.  Courtland also works part-time in order to support his beautiful young family.


“Kimberley, Caleb’s Mother, is a nurse at Lee Davis Medical Center.  Both parents have dedicated their lives to helping others.  Now, the Lamberts need our help! They are facing an uphill fight and will need all of the financial assistance they can get.

“Caleb is currently in the hospital with his family by his side waiting for treatment.  All funds raised will go directly to the Lamberts to assist with medical and related expenses.”

Please pray for this sweet boy and donate here!