Sometimes neighbors aren’t exactly the bake-you-a-pie kind, but more of the grumpy and frowny type. They may peer out the window and seem annoyed at everything that’s happening or quickly becomes grumpy at those who cross his or her path.

But for the holiday season, deep down inside that gruff exterior beats a compassionate heart that maybe just needs the tough shell peeled away. Such is the case of a grumpy neighbor in an adorable Christmas ad for Farmers Department Store.

It’s a great reminder not to “judge a book by its cover.” The ad opens with a testy older man glancing out his window, staring at all the commotion outside. He appears to be incredibly annoyed.

But inside beats a heart of gold that prompts him to play Secret Santa unbeknownst to those around him. When one neighbor was a bit short with her son after he broke her coffee maker, the older gentleman secretly buys her a new one and disguises his efforts by making it appear to the neighbor that he was throwing it away and would she be interested in having it instead?

Another neighbor juggling a crying baby in the sweltering heat receives a fan from the grumpy neighbor who makes it seem as if the fan has been sitting in his shed gathering dust and he really has no need for it. His secret mission has now warmed the hearts of thousands of people.

The best part of this Secret Santa’s efforts is that he thought no one had noticed what he was up to, except for one little boy living next door. The little guy is prepared to turn the tables on the neighborhood Santa.

So when Christmas Eve rolls around, the neighbor boy decides to pay it forward and bless the grumpy ol’ Secret Santa in a special way. The gruff neighborhood had no idea that anyone was on to him and had any inkling what he had been up to.

Needless to say, grumpy Santa receives quite a surprise himself. The video below illustrates how important it is to be kind and charitable, to give to others especially when no one is looking.

See how the little boy surprises Santa in turn and makes quite the holiday impression.