This brave mother’s actions in the face of her husband’s abusive and violent behavior might have saved the life of their child. When 46-year-old Cornelio Hunt came home from a long work day at two in the morning, his three-month-old son was crying, and he became irritated by the noise – even though these sounds are to be expected of a child that young.

In front of his wife, Hunt walked over to the baby and began to hit him fiercely and even picked him up, holding him by the ankles and shaking him as he hung upside down from his hands. Terrified, his wife begged to be given the baby and offered to quiet him down in a separate room.

But Hunt was too furious for that. He grabbed an old, dirty rag and forced it into his son’s mouth, taping it in place to gag him. Once again, the young boy’s mother rushed forward to try and stop him, but she was met by threats that if she intervened, she would face the same treatment and abuse.

Thinking cleverly, she waited silently and bided her time until Hunt put down her son. When he walked away, she quickly grabbed the young child and ran away from her house and straight to an emergency ward.

Police came to pick up Hunt and arrested him for child abuse and domestic assault.

He is currently being held in prison and will face his charges soon.

This mother’s quick thinking possibly saved the lives of herself and her son, and many are applauding her bravery. It’s not easy for abuse victims to escape, and she is now being hailed as a hero.

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