The women of “The View” have found themselves in hot water this week after they disrespected Christianity on their show in a despicable way by censoring a very important name.

The women were talking about a study that says many Christian citizens in U.S. wanted to overlook four of The Ten Commandments when host Paula Faris explained how she was taught in her home when she was a kid.

“My parents were really strict about what we said in the home. We couldn’t say “Oh my God,” we couldn’t say “JC,” we couldn’t say “(Jesus),” she said, but the name Jesus was censored.

“Unless you were praising Him,” she said. “And then you could say ‘(Jesus),’” and again “The View” censored the name.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone censored the word “Mohammed?” All Hell would break lose, and liberals would be triggered left and right. Frankly, we feel that “The View” should be canceled for this blatant move against Christianity.

This comes days after hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg went on a racist rant against white people. Behar and Whoopi mocked white people during a segment in which the hosts talked about a recent poll that found that 55% of white people feel that they are discriminated against because of the color of their skin. Whoopi began by saying she’s “confused” on how white people could feel this way.

“Well, you know, ever since Lincoln freed all those white people…” joked Behar, ignoring the fact that black people have been free for over 150 years.

“They’re blaming the fact that maybe they don’t have a good income or their life has not treated them well– they’re blaming it on discrimination. But it might be about something else, maybe you haven’t had opportunities to go to college or you’re stuck in a rut,” said Behar. “It’s easy, I guess for people to blame something they can look at… but it’s basically being a victim and victimhood is not helpful, victimhood is, ‘I’m blaming somebody else for my problem.’”

Behar clearly doesn’t realize how hypocritical she sounds…

“So where’s the discrimination?” asked co-host Sunny Hostin.

We think the women of “The View” should completely be ashamed of themselves. SHARE this story if you think “The View” should be CANCELLED!