Dandruff Shampoo Recipe – Say Goodbye To Flakes & Chemicals!

Looking for a fantastic anti-dandruff shampoo? Of course you are! After all, who wants to deal with an itchy, flaky scalp? Dandruff can be a nightmare to handle, and with cancer-causing chemicals in shampoos you buy in the store, you may feel like you’re backed into a corner. What is the best anti-dandruff shampoo available? Should you give in and buy what looks to be the least harmful? No! Compromising your health is a thing of the past with this homemade anti-dandruff shampoo. And trust us, your efforts will be well worth it. This is absolutely the best anti-dandruff shampoo, and since you make it yourself, you’ll know exactly what’s going into it. Castile soap, coconut milk, fenugreek, and various essential oils are a few of the wonderful ingredients involved in this homemade shampoo. It will leave your hair soft, healthy, and most of all, dandruff-free!

Dandruff is a common problem, affecting roughly 50 percent of the population. And to make matters worse, shampoo companies take advantage of this, offering you harmful solutions to fight this skin disease. (1,2)   Take the health of your scalp and hair into your own hands with this homemade anti-dandruff shampoo!

Check out these nourishing and effective ingredients going into your anti-dandruff shampoo:

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is gentle and a perfect moisturizer for this shampoo. All too often, the anti-dandruff shampoos you can buy in a store are harsh and drying on your scalp. They leave your hair thirsty and straw-like.  There are some anti-dandruff shampoos that have moisturizing ingredients, sure, but you may also be buying harmful ingredients.  Some of them may even include coconut milk; it has become a common ingredient in several types of shampoos, not just the anti-dandruff variety.

Other anti-dandruff shampoo ingredients may or may not offer anything for hydration, but that’s part of what makes this the best anti-dandruff shampoo. Coconut milk will nourish and condition your dry scalp and hair and may even help your hair grow. And when you make it yourself at home, you can be sure of the ingredients going into it. This includes knowing that your homemade anti-dandruff shampoo doesn’t contain anything harmful.

Baking Soda

Dandruff produces dead, flaky skin cells, but adding baking soda to your shampoo mixture can help address that issue. Baking soda sloughs off dead skin cells, gently exfoliating your scalp.

You should note, however, that long-term use of baking soda in your hair may lead to breaking and other damage. However, most often, dandruff shampoo is only meant for use once a week. It’s to treat a condition and is not meant for every-day use. On other days, you should use another shampoo, especially if you notice any damage.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is also common ingredient in hair care products. It smells great, of course, but it also promotes the health of your hair. All in all, the benefits of using rosemary oil in your shampoo are threefold. For one, rosemary is said to promote hair growth. It also adds a pleasant, uplifting scent to your shampoo, one that will offer you clarity and mindfulness. Furthermore, rosemary is anti-fungal. This is helpful, as dandruff is caused by fungi.

Tea Tree Oil

Similar to rosemary and coconut oil, if you scan the supermarket hygiene aisle, you’ll likely find at least a few bottles that feature tea tree oil, and for a good reason! Tea tree oil is also antifungal and can help your hair in other ways, too. For example, it can unclog hair follicles and nourish your roots. It may also thicken your hair—an added bonus when treating your dandruff! However, unlike the store-bought shampoos, this one won’t include any harmful, cancer-causing ingredients. That’s part of the beauty of making your own products right at home!


While fenugreek is traditionally used in Indian cuisine, it also offers wonderful benefits to your hair. For example, fenugreek seeds are rich in protein and amino acids, which promote healthy hair, including fighting off dandruff. (3) Furthermore, fenugreek has a high amount of lecithin, which is a natural emollient. This can help strengthen and soften your hair.

Castile Soap

Castile soap is a pure yet powerful soap. For example, you can use it not only on your body, but for tougher jobs, as well, such as the laundry. Many people use castile soap to make a variety of homemade soap products, including laundry detergent.  Castile soap is gentle but effective and is a great option for many homemade soap products. It’s even gentle enough for use on children’s skin. You may be able to find it on the shelf of some supermarkets. However, more often than not, you will find it in in specialty stores, such as health food markets or vitamin shops.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Raw apple cider vinegar can strengthen hair follicles as well as balance the pH of your hair. Furthermore, apple cider vinegar, in its raw, unfiltered form, is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It’s also anti-inflammatory, making it a great ingredient for fighting an inflamed, itchy, and flaky scalp. Additionally, raw apple cider vinegar contains vitamins, such as B and C, that will help your hair develop a lustrous, healthy shine.

Homemade Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Essential Oils

Are you ready to try the best homemade anti-dandruff shampoo available? If so, you’d better also make your peace with throwing out your old shampoo, because once you try this alternative, you’ll never want to go back again.

What You Need for the Best Homemade Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

  • 1–1/2 cups (1 can) coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup liquid castile soap
  • 1/2 cup purified water
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon unrefined coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 20 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 15 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 1 tablespoon ground fenugreek seeds
  • BPA-free plastic dispenser bottle


  1. Grab a medium or large mixing bowl and a whisk.
  2. Mix together the coconut milk, coconut oil, and castile soap.
  3. Add the water, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda.
  4. Mix in the rosemary and tea tree oils.
  5. Now add the fenugreek. Be sure all ingredients are well-blended.
  6. Pour the shampoo into a BPA-free container with a lid.


Homemade Cough Drops Recipe – Say Goodbye To Artificial Flavors!

These homemade cough drops are easy to make, effective, and full of health benefits! If you have ever purchased mass-produced cough drops, you know they don’t really do the job they promise to do. They may have a decent taste, but rarely do they actually keep you from coughing. They also don’t do much to actually help you get better, as they often don’t boast any significant health benefits. Furthermore, commercial cough drops are full of added sugar and other nasty chemicals that help them taste better. However, homemade cough drops are a completely different story. Defeat your cough or sore throat with the delicious cough drops below.

These delicious cough drops are made with a honey base. Raw honey is the best superfood for soothing a cough or aching throat. Even a spoonful of honey will bring some relief. However, in cough drop form, you get the added relief from honey for much longer.

Homemade Cough Drops With Essential Oils

Essential oils are a powerful tool against coughs and colds. However, ingesting them isn’t always easy. Adding some essential oils to your cough drops may be just what you need. Mixed with the other ingredients and in small amounts, they will go down easier and allow you to reap their health benefits.

Ginger is one great essential oil to add. It has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves congestion, and is a natural antibiotic. Overall, ginger essential oil is a great remedy to have when suffering from a cough. Furthermore, ginger is fantastic for relieving an upset stomach. So, if you use ginger for your homemade cough drops, you may also be able to use them for an upset or queasy stomach.

Peppermint oil is perfect for coughs or any other respiratory illnesses. It also fights minor fevers and seasonal allergy symptoms. Basically, peppermint will stop your cough no matter the root cause. It may also help sooth a sore throat and will, of course, leave your breath smelling fresh.

Lavender essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It’s perfect for coughs and sore throats. Best of all, it is a natural relaxer and will help you get to sleep in no time. And when you’re sick, you know that sleep is even more precious and crucial to obtain than usual.

If you need an essential oil that will fight any upper respiratory infection, oregano oil is your go-to.  This oil is definitely not just for cooking. Oregano oil packs of powerful wallop when it comes to healing. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and fights allergies.

Cypress essential oil is excellent for relieving congestion and removing phlegm. It is also good for fighting infections and relieving anxiety. Anxiety may not be a particular issue in regards to having a cold or cough, but with its sedation abilities, cypress essential oil will help you relax. This can definitely come in handy when you’re sick.  When you’re not feeling well, it can be difficult to fall asleep. A cough has a way of keeping you up, and it can be difficult to breath when you’re congested. Cypress oil, however (and lavender, as mentioned above), can help relax you while calming your cough, getting you your much-needed sleep.

Eucalyptus oil is a powerful remedy for colds, the flu, and allergies. However, it is not safe for children under the age of 10.

Frankincense essential oil is perfect for relief of cold and flu symptoms. It fights illness and helps you feel better.

More Powerful Ingredients To Add

Basil – Basil has strong antibacterial properties and fights inflammation. Furthermore, basil is a wonderful source of antioxidants, which will also assist in getting you better faster.

Elderberry – Elderberries contain bioflavonoids that work to soothe inflammation caused by a sore throat, cough, cold, and other respiratory issues.

Homemade Cough Drops Recipe With Essential Oils

The best part about this cough drop recipe is that you can really make them yourself. If you feel a cold coming on or there is a cough going around in your household, make a batch of these straight away. Finding the perfect combination of ingredients is easy.

What You Will Need:

  • 3/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup boiling water
  • 3 herbal tea bags of your choice
  • 8 drops of desired essential oils
  • optional: 1 Tbsp extra ingredients of your choice
  • candy thermometer
  • thick bottomed small pot


  1. Steep 3 bags of herbal tea in 1/2 cup of boiling water for 20 to 30 minutes.
  2. Combine tea with honey, essential oils, and extra ingredients.
    1. Total extra ingredients should be 1 tablespoon or 3 teaspoons. Mix and match as desired.
  3. Mix all ingredients thoroughly before adding to heat. You should not stir while heating your cough drops.
  4. Heat cough drop mixture to 300 degrees and then pour into desired mold.
    1. This is when you would mix in your essential oils.
    2. Total drops of essential oils should be 8. You can mix and match the essential oils you choose.
  5. Wait for the cough drops to cool and then wrap each cough drop in wax paper.
  6. The cough drops will last longer in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

Precautions To Consider

When trying out new ingredients or essential oils, it is best to make sure there is no allergic reaction. Perform a minor spot test for essential oils and only use herbs you know you have no reaction to. Furthermore, be mindful of how many cough drops made with essential oils you’re consuming daily. Especially for those ingesting for the first time, essential oils may cause adverse internal reactions. You should be good if you remember to not treat these cough drops, or any cough drops, like candy. Don’t eat them except to help control your cough. They are medicinal and should be regarded as such.

Remember to add the essential oils after heating up the honey. Adding them before and heating them up with the honey will destroy their medicinal properties.

Lastly, if you are on any prescription medication or have a chronic illness, it is best to contact a health care professional before trying a new natural treatment.


Lemon Tahini Dressing – David Avocado Wolfe

This simple lemon tahini dressing is a delicious oil-free way to dress your salad. It comes together in minutes, so you could make it fresh each time, or make a bigger batch and store in an airtight container to keep it on hand for the week.

Lemon Tahini Dressing

Yield 4 servings


¼ cup tahini

¼ cup water

2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice

¼ tsp. Pink salt, or more to taste

¼ tsp. Black pepper, or more to taste


First, place the tahini and water in a small bowl and use a fork to whisk together, until a smooth and uniform consistency forms.

Then add the remaining ingredients, and continue to whisk for about another 30 seconds or so, until uniform consistency is reached again.

MariaMarlowe3Author: Maria Marlowe is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who has helped thousands of people improve their health by optimizing their diet. She has created meal plans and programs to help you lose weight, clear up acne, and spend less time in the kitchen yet still eat healthy.  

She has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, NBC, Well + Good, and more. Her first book, The Real Food Grocery Guide, will teach you how to eat healthy without going broke.

Download her free 3-Day Real Food Challenge Meal Plan, check out her site,, or follow her on  Instagram @MariaMarlowe and Facebook for more healthy recipes.



C60 (Olive) Oil Supplement Anti-Aging Health Benefits + Risks

The Buckminsterfullerene or Carbon 60 (C60) molecule is a unique, oil-soluble molecule with an amazing power to prolong lifespan. This miraculous molecule, remarkable as it is, wasn’t discovered until 1985. However, scientists now understand that such a molecule has always existed in Nature. For the past 25 years, scientists have spent a great amount of time researching C60. What they found is remarkable! This fantastic molecule has the ability to promote longevity. In fact, they created a C60 olive oil formula that improved the life-span of rats by 95%. It does this by electrically neutralizing free radicals in the body, which in turn helps prevent numerous life-threatening diseases. That’s right! C60 benefits you by actually removing free radicals from your body—indefinitely.

Keep reading to learn more about how C60 benefits your health!

The Amazing Power of Carbon 60 (C60)

You can think of C60 as a universal antioxidant. Or, perhaps, as an antioxidant times one thousand! Each molecule is able to accept as well as donate several electrons unceasingly. Furthermore, it appears to do this without error and without compromising its own integrity.

C60 removes what is called superoxide. This is a toxic (even dangerous) by-product of cellular metabolism, as it is linked to tissue injury from several human diseases. (1)

What’s the Science Behind C60?

It is currently believed that C60 adsorbs (and may also absorb) nearby toxic acids and toxins, and is then attracted to the mitochondria of cells. From there, it carries its superoxide acceptors to prevent mitochondrial damage from occurring. Scientists speculate that C60 has the ability to achieve a positive charge by adsorbing or absorbing protons, which allows it to actually enter the mitochondria. This, then, leads to a decrease in production of reactive oxygen species (harmful free radicals).

C60’s qualities are borderline miraculous. For example, they manifest the same wave-particle quantum duality as photons of light. They are also superconducting, and can be made into single molecule transistors (transistors are semiconductive amplifiers, detectors and switches). The frequency of this fascinating molecule has been detected in the black space or firmament above us in the night sky. They are known to also occur naturally and terrestrially in Russian shungite rock, rocks of the Sudbury Irruptive (in Canada), at locations of lightning strikes, and in soot formation from beeswax candles. Carbon 60 molecules may also be made in a lab by striking a strong electric arc between graphite electrodes inside a quartz containment chamber.

The Undeniable Research Behind C60: How C60 Prolongs Life

In 2011, Fathi Moussa, a French scientist, led a team of researchers in a toxicity study on C60. They initially performed this study to see whether or not daily doses of C60 would be lethal to rats. But what occurred was completely the opposite!

Scientists ascribed the remarkable results of this study to the phenomenal antioxidant properties of C60 and its bio-distribution in living tissues. C60 can cross the cell membrane. (2) And that’s where its anti-aging, pro-longevity abilities come into play. Check out what happened to these rats…

The researchers gave six rats 1000 mg of C60 every day for 29 days, followed by a 14 day recovery period. The C60 was administered with olive oil. The scientists used control groups as well, one of which received plain water, and the other, plain olive oil. At the end of the study, all of the water-treated rats were dead. Sixty-seven percent of the group of plain olive oil rats were still alive.  And, astoundingly, 100% of the C60 rats were still alive as well! (3)

Indeed, the results are jaw-dropping. These C60-fed rats lived 95% beyond their natural lifespan. That’s nearly double their normal lifespan! The rat that lived the longest, lived to be almost 6 years old. In fact, he may have kept living, but the only reason he didn’t is because the scientists ended his life in order to more swiftly publish their exciting findings.

So, what can C60 do for you? Read the next section to learn all about the amazing health benefits of C60!

Health Benefits of C60

Now that you understand more about what C60 is and its primary function, let’s take a look at what else this phenomenal molecule may be able to do for your health. The full list is below, but to give you a preview, C60 can prevent inflammation, help treat arthritis, kill off certain viruses and bacteria, and help prevent heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. To say this product is impressive is definitely an understatement. You can learn more about the mighty healing powers of C60 by reading the list below!

1) C60 Improves Longevity

As demonstrated in Fathi Moussa’s toxicity study, C60 has the ability to increase longevity. This powerful molecule prevents nerve cells from dying, and has allowed rats to live almost double their natural lifespan.

Other studies used mice instead of rats. Researchers in one study found that the mice lived 8 days longer in a 120-day lifetime. In another study, they found that the lifespan of mice can increase 5 to 14 percent, even when starting doses halfway through the lives of the mice. (4, 5)

It’s important to note, however, that a rat’s physiology is closer to that of a human than a human is to a mouse.

2) C60 Protects Against Free Radicals

Free radicals can truly wreak havoc within our body. They can react with almost any molecule and damage it, then they move right on to the next molecule. This leads to signs of aging as well as the development of diseases. We are exposed to free radicals from several, sometimes unavoidable sources. For example, air pollutants are full of free radicals. So are cigarettes, pesticides, and much more.  These reactive oxygen species even develop out of the food we eat, such as fried or processed foods.

This is why it’s important to consume a diet full of color pigment antioxidants! Eating numerous plant-based foods in every color of the rainbow can help your body fight these free radicals. However, a healthy diet can only do so much.  And sometimes free radicals are unavoidable. The good news, however, is that C60 has the ability to completely demolish these free radicals. (6)

3) C60 Prevents Inflammation

Another noteworthy ability of C60 is the prevention of inflammation. This could potentially be great news for those who suffer from arthritis and joint-related pain. Quite often, joint pain is accompanied by swelling and inflamed tissue. C60, however, has been shown to contain anti-inflammatory properties.

In one study, for example, scientists found that C60 indeed can prevent inflammation in arthritic rats. Researchers in this study concluded that C60 may be a viable treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. (7)

4) C60 Kills Viruses

Also on the list of C60 benefits is the ability to deactivate iridoviruses, certain viruses carried by insects. One study found, for example, that even in low concentrations C60 was able to eradicate the mosquito iridescent virus (MIV). (8)

5) C60 Protects Nerves

C60 benefits include protecting your nerves, as well. During the neural system development, death of nerves is completely normal. However, sometimes nerves die due to other reasons, such as injury. Some nerve damage can lead to fatal results. For example, nerve damage in the chest can leave you unable to detect pain from a pending heart attack.

And your nerves can die from other various causes, such as being fired too frequently or being overworked. Due to its antioxidant characteristics, however, the C60 compound can actually protect your nerves from dying due to being worked too hard. (9)

6) C60 May Prevent Osteoarthritis

Next on the list of amazing C60 benefits is its potential ability to prevent osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common chronic condition of the joints. It affects roughly 27 million Americans.

Amazingly, C60 may be able to prevent stress-induced damage and the breakdown of cartilage. Furthermore, it can prevent loss of bone-building cells and prevent bone inflammation, as seen in studies involving rabbits. (10)

7) C60 Fights Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

Heart disease, stroke, diabetes. How do you avoid them? A healthy diet and active lifestyle may be a good place to start. But if you are diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, your risk of developing these dangerous conditions increases. Metabolic syndrome is a term used to refer to a cluster of symptoms. These symptoms include increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels. Clumped together, these symptoms can lead to heart disease, stroke, or diabetes.

C60 may benefit the body and help protect it against these dangerous symptoms. It can prevent fat cells from growing in size. Furthermore, it can prevent cells from increasing in number as well as prevent insulin resistance in cells. (11)

8) C60 Destroys Bacteria

While C60 can kill off mosquito-related viruses, it may also assist white blood cells in effectively destroying streptococcus bacteria. These bacteria cause such illnesses as strep throat, skin infections, and toxic shock syndrome.

The American Society for Microbiology published a study involving mice. Researchers conducting the study, using C60, were able to protect 33% of mice infected with streptococcus from death. They concluded that the data suggest C60 can be considered an antimicrobial agent for group A streptococcus infection. (12) Preliminary research indicates that C60 in combination with activated charcoal results in stronger antimicrobial properties (13).

9) C60 Prevents UV Damage

C60 benefits the skin, as well. It blends well with skin lotions, making it fantastic for prevention of UV damage. Indeed, on the list of C60 benefits is the ability to stop sunburn in models of human skin. It’s anti-oxidative components will permeate into the skin and effectively protect it from UV damage. (14)

Are There Any Risks Associated with C60?

There is an excellent reason olive oil was used in the study mentioned at the start of this article. The reason is that C60 does not dissolve in water. In fact, this power antioxidant has effects on unsaturated fats. (15)

Pure C60 and high doses of dissolved C60 may be toxic although no research has been forthcoming proving this (in fact, the opposite has been proven in rats).  Furthermore, you should not take C60 with water alone, as the effects are unknown. You should not take more than a recommended dose of C60 until more research has been done. It is also important to note that there have been no scientific studies involving the human consumption of C60. However, it is quickly gaining popularity and attention across the world. It likely won’t be long until human studies are underway.

There is a lot of talk going around about whether or not C60 can damage DNA. It may be more accurate to say it mutates or unwinds DNA. And, the truth is, unwound DNA repairs more easily. Studies show, in fact, that mice who are missing DNA unwinding enzymes have shorter lives. (16)

Furthermore, there is speculation that the cell damage only occurs when C60 is taken incorrectly, i.e., with water alone.

To reiterate, be sure to take C60 products only as directed. It’s a powerful product, to be sure, but like anything else, it should be taken with care.

Learn More About C60!

Are you ready to increase your longevity, fight arthritic inflammation, and prevent the development of deadly diseases? …Not to mention all of the other excellent benefits C60 has to offer! Be part of a growing group that is taking advantage of this remarkable product!

To learn more about C60 benefits, watch the video below!


BREAKING: Monsanto’s Roundup BANNED In France

In a major blow to Bayer, which purchased Monsanto in 2018, France has banned the sale of weed-killer Roundup.

Roundup contains the chemical glyphosate, which is linked to diseases such as gluten disorder and cancer.

The St. Louis Dispatch reports that today’s banning follows a court decision based on Roundup’s known toxicity.

The court today declared that regulators failed to take this toxicity into account when they previously granted Roundup a license for use.

Environmental activists are hailing this decision.

“It’s a major ruling because it should eventually cover all versions of Roundup,” said GRIGEN lawyer Corinne Lepage, according to

“The court determined that all products with glyphosate are probably carcinogens.”

This legal blow follows another major loss for Bayer in 2018.

In August, the a court in California ordered the pharmaceutical giant to pay $78 million to a terminal cancer patient.

The patient encountered Roundup during his work as a groundskeeper. His lawsuit hinged on the fact that Bayer (and previously Monsanto) have not been forthcoming regarding health risks associated with the product, which is both a herbicide and a pesticide.

Watch: GMO Advocate Says Monsanto’s Roundup Safe to Drink, Then Refuses Glass

Even in light of today’s ruling, Bayer remains defiant.

According to The St. Louis Dispatch, the company issued a statement today insisting its flagship weedkiller is safe.

“Bayer disagrees with the decision taken by the Administrative Court of Lyon,” the statement reads.

“This product formulation, like all crop protection products, has been subject to a strict evaluation.”

Bayer is reportedly considering legal options it may take in response to the banning.

The company is also appealing its aforementioned loss against the California groundskeeper who developed cancer after coming into contact with Roundup.

This is a major victory for those of us that have been speaking out against Monsanto for years.

It’s also a reminder that we all need to abandon the use of Roundup.

Instead, consider using urine. Yes, it sounds odd – but it does work, thanks to the acidity of urine.

Using urine in your yard has other benefits as well. Learn more about them here.


Himalayan Salt Lemonade: Stop Migraines FAST

Few things can ruin your morning quite like an intense migraine.

The nausea, sensitivity to light and pulsating pain can make it hard to function, let alone thrive.

It may seem like migraines pop up without warning or cause. In reality, though, migraines are often the result of a nutrient deficiency.

Research has confirmed this. In a review of the research (1), doctors discovered that patients suffering from frequent migraines were much more likely to have low levels of these nutrients:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B2
  • Folate
  • Q10 (a co-enzyme)

Other nutrient deficiencies that can contribute to migraines include magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Dehydration is a major cause of migraines as well.  Dehydration is a compounding issue, causing even further excessive water loss in your body (2).

It’s also not hard at all to become dehydrated. In fact, if you live in the United States, you probably are chronically dehydrated (3).

Thankfully, the Himalayan Salt Lemonade recipe at the focus of this article can combat both of the migraine factors outlined above.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One quarter teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Eight ounces of water
  • One teaspoon of honey (this is an optional sweetener)


Begin by adding the lemon juice and salt into the eight ounces of water. Stir this mixture well until it becomes uniform.

After that, add the honey to sweeten it. You can also consider leaving the honey out if you don’t mind having a slightly sour-tasting drink. It’s not a main active ingredient in this lemonade.

Once you’ve finished making the drink, consume it immediately. Follow it up with a glass of water.

You’ll want to repeat this process every 10 minutes. Within a half hour (so three cycles), your migraine should be gone!

Of course, this recipe is made with the average person in mind. If your migraine is especially severe, feel free to continue drinking the Himalayan Salt Lemonade until you feel better.

Why does sea salt lemonade help a migraine?

Himalayan Salt

You might be scratching your (soon-to-be-headache-free) head right now.

In light of the fact that dehydration is a contributing factor in migraines, it might seem counter-intuitive, this idea that salt mixed with water could do anything other than dehydrate you further.

That is the case for the bad kind of salt – what we commonly refer to as table salt. Many common types of table salt are highly processed (4).

Himalayan salt, however, contains a number of nutrients that will maintain your body’s electrolyte balance and help your body make better use of the water you intake.

Those electrolytes include sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

As mentioned earlier, those electrolytes are among the list of those in which deficiencies will cause migraines.

This is a concept David Wolfe explores in great detail during the diet and detox lessons found in The Inner Circle.

Of course, it’s all about balance. Too much of even Himalayan salt will still increase your sodium levels beyond what’s needed.

Thankfully, when Himalayan salt quenches your thirst, you’ll find you don’t really feel like drinking the lemonade anymore.

Take that as a sign that you’re no longer dehydrated.

Just keep an eye out for these dehydration and migraine symptoms:

  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Tiredness
  • Decreased urine output
  • Urine is low volume and more yellowish than normal
  • Headache
  • Dry skin
  • Dizziness
  • Lack of sweating
  • Sunken eyes
  • Shriveled and dry skin
  • Low blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate

Lemon Juice

Of course, the lemon juice in the Himalayan Salt Lemonade isn’t just for flavor.

Lemons also help reduce inflammation and swelling (5).

This is great not only for people suffering from conditions like arthritis. It’s also great for migraine sufferers.

Migraines are in fact the only type of headache that appears linked to inflammation (6).

Lemon water will also help reduce stress – another major contributor to migraines (7). This will also have the effect of brightening your mood, making it easier to get through the day (8).

In fact, it’s a much better alternative to coffee if you suffer from migraines. While coffee might give you an energy boost and help you power through the pain, it might also make you jittery and interfere with your sleep when consumed in excess of four cups a day.

Contrary to popular belief, though, coffee isn’t actually a diuretic (9).

That means it won’t contribute to dehydration. So if you are a coffee person, don’t worry; it won’t undo the work of the Himalayan Salt Lemonade.

Watch the video below for an easy how-to:

If you found this recipe useful, please be sure to share it with your friends!

Migraines are incredibly common. Chances are, you know several people who suffer from them. Spread the joy and recovery!


Elderberry for Colds: Benefits and Dangers

Did you know that elderberry is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world?

It’s true! Native Americans used the berry as a treatment for infections (1). Ancient Egyptians, meanwhile, relied on it for clear skin.

But is there any validity to elderberry’s use in these ways?

Research suggests that yes, these benefits exist in more than just folk medicine.

But first…

What is Elderberry?

It’s is the fruit of the European elder tree (2).

Also known as sambucus, is grows not only in Europe but throughout the northern hemisphere and in certain parts of Australasia and South America.

Don’t confuse it with American Elder, Elderflower or Dwarf Elder; those are all completely different things.

Also, don’t try to go hunting for elderberries on your own in the wild, unless you know what you’re doing.

The raw berries as well as the bark and leaves of the elderberry plant are mildly poisonous and can cause stomach discomfort.

Elderberry becomes edible when you (or whoever you’re buying it from) refine it, which we’ll get into in a moment.

Benefits of Elderberry

As mentioned earlier, humans have been using this berry medicinally for centuries.

More recently, however, researchers observed its medicinal benefits.

A 2011 study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (3) acknowledges elderberry’s ability to combat influenza A and B viruses.

These viruses cause are responsible for what we refer to as the annual flu (4) that affects up to 20% of the population.

This study touts itself as the first to observe elderberry’s effect at combatting these viruses. The researchers go on to suggest that, based on their results, elderberry may make a great “additional and alternative” medicine for combatting these infections.

It’s worth noting, however, that the researchers behind this study tested the extract against the bacteria on lab surfaces as opposed to within the human body.

Through another study (5), however, researchers tested elderberry’s effect on 60 patients. The patients, ages between 18-54, were all suffering from influenza-like symptoms.

During the study, researchers gave patients either elderberry extract or placebo syrup four times daily for five days.

Researchers observed the patients’ symptoms and noticed that the elderberry extract was able to relieve them an average of four days earlier.

Plus, the patients that took the elderberry extract were significantly less likely to have to take medication for their symptoms following the study.

“Elderberry extract seems to offer an efficient, safe and cost-effective treatment for influenza,” the researchers note in their abstract.

Why Does it Work?

In yet another case (6), an Israeli virologist tested the extract on patients suffering in the Southern Israel flu epidemic of 1992/1993.

Her results provide insight into why it combats influenza so well.

Within 24 hours, 20% of Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu’s patients saw dramatic improvements in symptoms such as fever, muscle aches and coughing. By the second day, 73% of patients had improved. By day three, that number jumped to 90%.

Meanwhile, of the group that didn’t receive the extract, only 16% saw an improvement in symptoms after two days. It took nearly a week before they saw any improvement at all.

“To my knowledge, it’s the only product that can cut the flu in half, before complications have a chance of setting in,” said Dr. Mumcuoglu on her findings.

Thanks to Dr. Mumcuoglu’s research, we now know that this berry functions by activating the immune system and inflammatory processes that are responsible for fighting off a virus.

Subsequent research from the European Cytokine Network confirms this (7), verifying that elderberries trigger inflammatory cytokines that help the immune system.

Impressively, these effects aren’t just limited to people who are already infected. Even healthy individuals will receive an immune system boost.

Beyond Influenza

Elderberry’s promising effects have led researchers to hypothesize about its potential to combat ailments beyond influenzas.

According to some (8), elderberry is rich in flavonoids that block HIV entry.

That’s powerful!

Other proposed benefits (9) include:

  • Improved digestive health
  • Relief from allergies
  • Treatment of urinary tract infections

How to Use Elderberry

Now, given the aforementioned toxicity of the raw berry, you may be wondering how one should go about consuming this superfood.

Not to worry; elderberry is available in a variety of forms (10), including supplements.

Supplements are in fact the most common way to consume this superfood. They range in type from capsules to tinctures and lozenges.

Other ways to take elderberry include:

You can also find the berry in freeze-dried form, which allows you to make your own elderberry medicines.

Check out this clip for a walkthrough on creating your own syrup:

In this clip, learn how to create a tincture:

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Seasonal Affective Disorder Quiz: What’s Your Risk?

While a seasonal affective disorder quiz isn’t a formal diagnostic tool, the result can help you decide if you should follow up with a mental health professional.

Many people complain about experiencing the “winter blues.” While it’s natural to feel slightly drowsier than usual during the cold, dark winter months, with your run of the mill “winter blues,” how those symptoms affect you differs from a serious case of seasonal affective disorder.

The following quick, 60-second seasonal affective disorder quiz will help you take steps towards determining which of the two describes your winter mood. Give it a try!

What should I do with my result?

Remember, this quiz isn’t a formal diagnostic tool. Seasonal affective disorder (and other forms of depression) can manifest in different ways for different people. This is why you should follow up with a mental health professional to look at the specifics of your case.

Even if they don’t diagnose you with seasonal affective disorder in particular, they may still conclude that you have clinical depression or another disorder that’s affecting your mood.

Whatever the case is – even if you do have seasonal affective disorder – don’t worry; treatment for mental illnesses doesn’t have to mean taking pills for the rest of your life just to feel happy.

In fact, research shows that there are several potential natural depression remedies that may spare you the side effects of conventional treatments.

As with the diagnostic process, you’ll want to consult with a mental health professional before replacing your prescribed treatment with these solutions.

But the great thing about natural depression remedies is that they have the potential to do more than just treat your mental illness; they can make your life better overall. And who doesn’t want that!

These potential natural remedies include:

  • Removing processed foods from your diet
  • Exercising more
  • Using essential oils
  • Seeing a therapist

In the case of seasonal affective disorder in particular, doctors often prescribe phytotherapy.

This involves using a specialized lamp to trigger chemicals in the brain similar to those that sunshine triggers in the summer months.

This pinpoints one of the key causes of seasonal affective disorder. During the winter months, the reduced levels of sunlight can affect both your serotonin and melatonin levels. In the case of serotonin, your body will produce too little of it, causing a drop in your mood. Meanwhile, your body will produce too much melatonin, which is responsible for making you feel drowsy.

This is why people with seasonal affective disorder will often complain of feeling sleepy and lethargic during the winter.

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David Avocado Wolfe Exposes Scientism: Responds to SciFi Babe’s Slander, Poor Research

An Internet search on google for “David Avocado Wolfe” will quickly yield a hit-piece article on me entitled “David Avocado Wolfe is the Biggest Asshole in the Multiverse” written by the Yvette d’Entremont, the so-called “SciBabe.”

[Sorry, Yvette, but I’m full of Love, Happiness, and Appreciation for life and for plants, animals, and people. You, apparently, are full of profanity and toxicity.]

This article Ms. d’Entremont wrote is clearly a hit (hate) piece designed to destroy the way people perceive me when searching Google and also to slander me into silence with hidden threats of more hit-pieces. It was created and written by Yvette, posted by a failing magazine named Outline and likely celebrated by Yvette’s openly admitted allies, which includes Monsanto (manufacturer of carcinogens such as Agent Orange, DDT, glyphosate, aspartame, saccharin, etc.).

[Image: Yvette d’Entremont: Sponsored by Monsanto]

To those who are ready to learn and understand the crises facing humanity, Yvette’s vicious article presents numerous attacks and presuppositions that expose an underlying religious fanaticism, yet not the kind we are normally used to: Radical Islam, Christian fundamentalism, Orthodox Judaism, etc. This type of religious fundamentalism comes under another extreme (which ultimately is the same: just as the radical right and radical left are ultimately the same tyranny).

We have come to learn that this other extreme — the extreme of scientism — is a persistent and ever-growing social problem that endangers the entire earth and its peoples, just as radical religious bigotry and zealotry have endangered the lives of innocent human beings for centuries. This is a relatively new type of religious fundamentalism of which Yvette is only a symptom.

Scientism is a series of materialistic mechanistic atheistic beliefs, including the Big Bang, the theory of evolution, the survival of the fittest, the medical pill for every ill theory, the cut-burn-medicate theory, the concept of better living through chemistry, the idea that the government has to protect you from “unscientific” approaches to health and healing, the idea that corporate chemicals are safe until proven harmful — amongst many other mental constructs that are considered to be all unquestionable facts — instead of what all these actually are: theories. For example: the survival of the fittest is a tautology. Who survives? The fittest. Who are the fittest? The ones who survive! Survival of the fittest can be used to explain any set of survival data and is in no way scientific nor predictive. Those who believe these theories are facts are religiously opposed to looking at contrary scientific evidence — in fact, they exclude it!

Lovers of Freedom, pay close attention. This is important. This article will help you understand where our civilization is heading. The SciBabe Yvette d’Entremont is a symptom of a much bigger and ongoing crisis. A long overdue rebuttal to this woman’s vicious hate speech is due — and this article is that and addresses that — yet digs much deeper into the true causes of the continuing and growing illness and infertility epidemics that we as an environmental and wellness community hope to avoid. Yet we will inevitably and unknowingly be unable to avoid such growing danger unless we identify the real underlying challenge that faces us and take evasive action.

What I thematically lay out in this article is what I perceive we are, as a civilization, truly dealing with. And that is this: the hyper materialist, atheistic, mechanistic religion of scientism. It has taken me my entire life of studying, reading, and learning to understand scientism as a religion — a fanatical set of belief systems using Science as a shield to disguise corruption in Science and a distortion of The Scientific Method.

Science is not to be confused with scientism. Science and scientism are deliberately obfuscated — they are purposefully confused. Think about it:  in order to participate in Science these days, you need to belong to this club and that club, you have to believe in this and that, you have to have this educational degree and that university degree. Even if you have all of the above (as I do) and disagree with scientism’s beliefs (because your own experiments or analysis of experiments prove otherwise), then your Science is “not credible” or it is “unscientific” or it is “pseudoscience” or something is wrong with your education or you didn’t actually have those degrees or whatever excuse they can come up with in order to avoid facing contrary evidence.

Science and scientism are distinctly different, even opposed, ways of looking at the world. Scientism comes with a large volume of mechanistic materialistic beliefs. These beliefs are held in place by excluding contrary scientific evidence or simply ignoring contrary evidence. Meanwhile, the Science I know and love, and was educated to defend and utilize as a tool of learning, has nothing to do with “belief systems” and “excluding evidence.” Unfortunately, fundamentalist beliefs and exclusion of valuable data has become the norm today. So we lost Science and now have scientism.

Typical in its arrogance, scientism foists up such terms as “scientific consensus” or “settled science,” which are really cleverly disguised belief systems that limit investigation, choice, scientific freedom, medical freedom, in fact… freedom in general.

One thing we know about Science is that the Science opinion of today will not be the Science opinion of tomorrow. Scientific opinion or scientific consensus will change as a simple review of the history of scientific inquiry demonstrates.

Scientism zealots, like SciBabe, are so deep into scientism, they are so consumed by it, they do not even understand or cannot comprehend other points of view, such as how someone can be a Christian or Hindu and be a scientist, or how homeopathy or acupuncture could possibly work, or how anyone would dare question the pill-for-every-ill theory. To them scientism is the only way, and everyone else is just stupid at best or at worst a heretic. Sounds a lot like religious fundamentalism, doesn’t it?

What we are up against is religious fanaticism disguised as Science. In fact, we never got rid of religious fundamentalism by becoming scientific. Dogmatic scientism has now hijacked much scientific inquiry: certain questions are allowed; others are not. This system demands that certain scientific assumptions are not to be looked at again or questioned because “the science has been settled.”

Well, folks, the history of Science dictates that no Science is ever settled. Scientism is like a fanatical religion that dictates that Science needs belief systems and needs to stop questioning. The hallmark of Yvette d’Entremont as both an unknowing victim of her religion and also as a promoter of scientism is, in fact: UNSCIENTIFIC THINKING.

Yes, scientism (or much of what passes as Establishment Science today) has actually become unscientific. Scientism no longer demands rigorous evaluation of its assumptions or its results. In fact, it does not want you checking up on those assumptions or their results because that might expose errors or even a corporate agenda behind those errors. Consider the scientific case against scientism’s genetically modified organisms and food:

As I was taught by rational and sane scientists in my education, real Science has no agenda nor belief systems and uses The Scientific Method as a tool of exploration into our world. Science is a way of knowing; it is not the only way of knowing!

Other ways of knowing include:

  • Experience
  • Intuition
  • Instinct
  • Feelings
  • Spiritual impulses
  • Synchronicity
  • Learning/Studying
  • Contemplation/Meditation

Scientism, with its heavy bias of materialism and hyper-rationality, is absolutely opposed to any these. To the devout followers of scientism, only The Scientific Method may be used to investigate our reality — unless the results of using The Scientific Method goes against scientism’s assumptions, then such results are thrown out as “pseudoscience”! Consider Yvette d’Entremont’s advocacy of eating more pesticides and synthetic chemicals, even when growing numbers of scientists and doctors are recommending reducing exposure to pesticides and synthetic chemicals:

Even the echo chamber of peer review, the supposed sacred cow of scientism, is loaded with errors. Last year a cancer journal retracted 107 studies due to fraudulent peer review.

[Image: Yvette d’Entremont calls herself the “SciBabe”]

Just think of how many vaccines are injected into children when no vaccines have ever met the pharmaceutical standard of safety. Vaccinations have never been tested in double-blind, randomized studies with a control group of unvaccinated children. These types of safety and efficacy studies should be done a hundred times a year all over the world, but they are not. Consider the problems with vaccines:

Part of scientism is the inability to contemplate long-term consequences of scientific actions and assumptions. Within our corrupt governing bureaucracies today, more often than not, anything made by scientism (Corporate Science) is inevitably stamped and approved by the system to be safe until proven harmful. Consider the recent $289 million judgment against Monsanto due to glyphosate causing cancer.

Glyphosate: 40 years on the market and approved by governing bureaucracies as safe. Nothing was done about the problems created by Monsanto’s glyphosate until it was too late. This type of scientism thinking dominates today.

How many chemicals are in use now that 40 years from now they will find out are carcinogenic? See what I mean? Scientism fanatics don’t. They don’t get it.

Scientism wants to stop investigations into sources of disease and infertility caused by their runaway artificial chemicals; hence the attacks on Vani Hari (aka The Food Babe), on Dr. Mercola, on myself, and on others trying to stop the absolute poisoning of our food and water supply. Yvette d’Entremont even admitted that she was paid by Gawker Media for an “all-encompassing take down” of Vani Hari.

Is that what her article “David Avocado Wolfe is the Biggest Asshole in the Multiverse” was designed for? An “all-encompassing take down” of David Wolfe? Who put her up to it? Who thinks like this?

To the devout, scientism can do no wrong, and whether it is impending doom or hell or high water, it is better living through chemistry until the end; it doesn’t matter who dies, becomes infertile, suffers from cancer, has birth defects, or becomes developmentally disabled.

19 Synthetic Chemicals That Are Linked To Cancer, Asthma & Autism

No longer can we protect our nation, state, counties, towns, villages, or families. One by one they all have fallen victim to scientism’s massive unscientific experiments on innocent populations, such as water fluoridation, long proven to be (at best) too controversial and at worst dangerously toxic: Consider that entire nations have banned fluoride in the water supply due to the problems it poses:

Now it is all the way down to you as an individual. You have to protect yourself first — even before you can help your child. And there is only one way to protect yourself now: nourish, cleanse, and especially, detoxify your body from the runaway artificial chemicals of civilization. Basically, start filtering what is coming at you in air, food, and water, or you yourself will become the filter!

What does the SciBabe say about all this? No matter how many cancer deaths, no matter how poor medicine is at healing chronic and/or degenerative disease, no matter how poor mainstream medicine is at treating and healing Lyme’s disease, and no matter how bizarre are the medical assumptions (e.g., that a pill can cure every ill), scientism clergy like SciBabe will deny that runaway Science corruption has anything to do with the problem. They will just deny it. Ignore it. EXCLUDE it. For what reason? Because it is “unscientific” of course. No matter how many contrary scientific citations you show these people, they will simply tell you that you are a pseudoscientist.

Take Note: A dangerous inversion has occurred in our world. Scientism rules now, with its rules. And God help those who oppose the high priests of scientism.

Yvette d’Entremont or the SciBabe is a science popularizer or more accurately a “scientism” popularizer — a priestess for scientism. She studied chemistry yet portrays herself as an expert on medicine, nutrition, GMOs, food safety, vaccines, etc. Apparently, she herself is guilty of what she claims I and others do (such as wandering outside of my field of nutrition) as she vies to position herself as a Defender of the Faith.

Her habit of calling herself the SciBabe may derive from her ongoing hostility toward the beautiful food activist Vani Hari (aka Food Babe). Her moniker also indicates a Narcissistic personality disorder that demands self-aggrandizement and the use of profanity to insult others not “as good” nor “as scientific,” as she apparently positions herself to be. I bet if we hosted a double blind crossover control study on Yvette herself, we would come to the scientific consensus that she is not a babe. And that what she espouses is not Science, but pure scientism. The wicked witch of scientism is a better love handle for this woman.

[Image: Yvette d’Entremont: The Wicked Witch of Scientism]

Yet with a smug religious certainty, she is ready to attack organic foods and products, veganism, special healing diets, natural healing therapies (chiropractic, herbs, electronic medicine, etc.), as well as organic health advocates, such as Food Babe Vani Hari, Dr. Mercola, myself, and all those who feel many more healing and lifestyle choices should be available to everyone.

Yvette and her allies are unfortunately caught in the old paradigm that in order for them to feel good about their lives, they have to slander, insult, and hurt others. And this somehow is going to help with the healing of sick people. They don’t get the contradiction.

With that foundation, let’s now journey through this hit (hate) piece on me, and I’ll show you what I mean (pun intended: as you are going to see how mean Yvette is and the pain she must be in to be so venomous). Hopefully, you will begin to see the picture: materialist mechanistic scientism is not Science. It has parasitically hijacked Science with fanatical belief systems run by hate groups and greedy control-freak organizations. It is leading humanity towards more pollution, chronic illness, violence, sickness, war, corruption, epidemics of infertility, and inevitably into continuing and devastating environmental catastrophes. This will continue until humanity realizes that mechanistic materialism will not solve humanity’s and the Earth’s problems but, in fact, will make them worse and worse.

Somehow Yvette believes progress will be made by an extremely foul-mouthed vocabulary demonstrated by her swearing in almost every paragraph of her article.

She makes statements as if she knows everything there is to know on God’s Green Earth. Clearly another bias of scientism: absolute arrogance. Scientism believes that everything is explainable and has already been explained. No magic left for anyone — no mystery: let’s get on with our muggle reality.

Yvette writes:

“Wolfe has stated that mushrooms arrived on our planet via the cosmic wind.”

I wrote about the scientific research on the electron density of the mushroom spore, which is nearly as dense as a metal and is capable of surviving high radiation and high altitudes, in my book Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms. I theorized that mushroom spores could have arrived from the heavens above based on the scientific evidence of mushroom spores found in air samples of the upper atmosphere and their electron density.

She goes on:

“He tells his followers vaccines are a conspiracy…”

I have informed my followers to read the vaccine ingredients (you should read them here: and to make informed choices first and foremost. Vaccine addicts like Yvette and other devout scientism fanatics believe that anything put into a vaccine is perfectly OK to inject into any human body no matter how toxic the substance might be and no matter the genetics of the person. A sampling of these vaccine ingredients include:

  • aluminum hydroxide
  • E. coli
  • sucrose
  • deoxycholate
  • kanamycin
  • Meningococcal (MenB – Trumenba) defined fermentation growth media
  • polysorbate 80
  • aluminum phosphate
  • histidine buffered saline MMR (MMR-II) chick embryo cell culture
  • WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts
  • fetal bovine serum
  • recombinant human albumin
  • neomycin
  • sorbitol
  • hydrolyzed gelatin
  • sodium phosphate
  • MMRV (ProQuad) (Frozen) chick embryo cell culture
  • MRC-5 cells
  • monosodium L-glutamate (MSG)
  • sodium phosphate dibasic
  • human albumin
  • potassium phosphate monobasic
  • neomycin
  • bovine calf serum
  • MMRV (ProQuad) (Refrigerator Stable) chick embryo cell culture, etc.

Sorry, I absolutely don’t want these chemicals injected into my body under any circumstances. I choose freedom instead.

The wicked witch of scientism writes: “He believes that chemtrails are real.”

Yes. Evidence shows that spraying of the atmosphere has been going on since at least Project Cirrus in 1948 and has even been admitted by numerous US government organizations including these:

Elevated levels of barium, strontium, aluminum, amongst other substances have been recorded in rains more and more in recent years, and these have been connected with weather modification patents.  Yvette would have us ignore all this data as a “conspiracy.” Sorry, Yvette, I am a trained researcher and investigator. My training? I have 5 years of engineering school and 5 years of political science and 2 years of a Masters degree and 4 years of law school. I also have over 20 years of experience running my own businesses. I also have written 8 books. And yes, I am a scientism heretic: I do not go along with dismissive “conspiracy theory” insults. Deal with it.

It is OK to ask questions, Yvette. It is OK to suspect that we are being swindled by governments and supposed scientific organizations. It is OK to question. I know that is hard for you to take because you are in the back pocket of Monsanto and deeply love your atheistic religion and toxic lifestyle. I know you are hurt that Monsanto lost their $289 million legal case. I know you cannot accept that they have been poisoning the human population for decades as their $289 million judgment has now proven and which I have been saying for decades. As it turns out: You were WRONG and I was RIGHT. Not only was I right, but all those who have battled against glyphosate for decades were right, too.

Let me say that again: your Tin-Foil Hat New Age Guru was RIGHT and You—a perfect scientism priestess—were WRONG.

This foul-mouthed woman calls Superfoods (eaten by the world’s greatest civilizations for thousands of years) “market fuckery.” Nasty words. Disgusting actually. However, she says she is addicted to the chemical soup of Diet Coke:

The wicked witch of scientism then writes the following:

“I contacted all the schools that he alleges to have attended: Oxford University, the University of California-Santa Barbara, the University of San Diego, and the University of Integrated Science California. Oxford University confirmed via email that “a person named David Wolfe” did study there in 2012, attending a course open to the general public called “The Origins of Metaphysics in Pre-Socratic Philosophy,” but he did not complete it.”

Perhaps Yvette doesn’t know. I assume she never looked (which is typical of a poor researcher and religious fundamentalist), but “Oxford University” is actually a collection of dozens of Universities in Oxford, England. I attended Magdalen College ( at Oxford in 1995 as part of my law school training, which occurred at the University of San Diego where I graduated with a law degree in 1998. I never took the bar and decided to continue with my nutrition career instead. I also graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1993 with degrees in Mechanical AND Environmental Engineering (that joint program was discontinued a year or two after I graduated). About my Masters in Nutrition at the University of Integrative Sciences, Yvette complains it’s “for profit”. Hmmm… Every university I’ve ever attended was (and still is) for profit, at least they took my payments, paid their employees, and kept the doors open: looks like they were (and still are) making money.

Yvette writes about my long battle with Doug Harbison, a business partner who bought into my company in 2007 and whom we later found out was the son of Earle Douglas Harbison who ran Monsanto for 10 years! Of course, he never mentioned anything about his association with Monsanto until one of my employees found out, a year after all the troubles had started. The problems, double dealing, and sabotage this guy was involved in cost me 8 years of my life, psychological and emotional upheaval, and enormous troubles for my organic food business and the organic cause in general. This all eventually landed us in court where we finally came to an agreement to end the chaos. In court we found out that Doug Harbison was regularly, secretly consulting with his father, former CEO of Monsanto, while we were in business together. A coincidence?

The legal chaos also cost me lots of money, which Yvette says I “care very much about money and will go to great lengths to get it.” But of course, she doesn’t care about money. She’s too pious for that.

Let me be clear on this point: I have ALWAYS used my money to contract people in business all over the world who wanted to work in the natural, organic food and biodynamic food business. I have only twice ever invested big in stocks: Apple and Google. I won big on both. I don’t deal with these stocks now nor the stock market anymore, as I am ethically opposed to Wall Street.

Today, I am a worldwide general contractor, as nearly all my businesses are virtual as I pay people all over the world. Whether it is a superfood supplier, a single mom, an artist, a family farmer, an Internet programmer, a farmer, etc. Yes, I have made money. Yes, I have paid my people. Yes, I have used that money to run two organic farms (NoniLand is also now Biodynamically Certified) and plant trees. What Yvette didn’t say anything about (because of the intense hate she has for me — whom she has never met) is that I have been responsible through my non-profit Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (founded in 2002) for the planting of over 1,000,000 fruit, nut, and medicinal trees on the Earth. Check out what we do here for our Earth:

Stealing Memes?

It is OK to “steal” a quote by Albert Einstein or Voltaire. Sorry…no copyright on these. It is also OK to make mistakes. Sometimes someone’s art ends up on Google’s free images. If we find out we used that art and the artist contacts us, we remove it immediately. It is nearly impossible to find this out in advance. Sometimes, one of the artists that I contract out uses someone else’s image or idea. I reprimand them and put an immediate stop to this, but its difficult to stop this in advance every single time, although we do stop it in advance nearly every time! It’s just part of dealing with artists.

On Stealing Videos?

Apparently Yvette has never watched the news. I can take a news item and show the footage of that item and tell the story different than another website or TV station. It is OK for websites, just like television news channels, to draw from the same sources. It has happened every day of our lives on the nightly news.

Yvette writes:

“Wolfe’s first book, Nature’s First Law The Raw Food Diet, published in 1996, appears to have been basically lifted from a little-known book on raw foods published in 1960 called Raw Eating, by the Armenian-Iranian scientist Arshavir Ter-hovannessian, also known as Aterhov.”

This isn’t MY first book, but was the product of three of our original crew (three of us, not just me) and credit was given on the FIRST PAGE.

So Yvette yells plagiarism in her article then quietly writes that credit was given: “Wolfe, who wrote the book with two coauthors, was kind enough to include a small acknowledgement of Ter-hovannessian without directly citing any of the text that was very clearly lifted from his work.”

Typical of her characteristic aggressive-passive behavior. Plagiarism! But there was no plagiarism. Credit was given on the first page.

Even though credit was given, maybe it wasn’t clear enough; read it yourself. Is it clear? If not, I’ll take my 1/3 responsibility (there were three of us involved) for that mistake I made when I was 23. I’m 48 now. Somehow Yvette is too holy to make mistakes. So I am going to say to the rest of us mortals: it is also OK to make mistakes! It is OK to learn from mistakes. It is OK to be wrong and grow.

And she continues on in this article… slandering me for everything I’ve ever said that doesn’t fit into the scientism paradigm. You cannot talk about gravity apparently unless it is approved by the high priests of scientism. Any other thoughts are heretically abolished.

For example: Check out how self-righteous with scientism this woman is:

I wrote:

Homeopathic vaccinations and other alternatives could also be explored. Acupuncture and electronic medicine systems (zappers, rife machines, frequency generators, PEMF devices, biofeedback machines) are also gaining popularity due to their efficacy in producing health.”

Her response:

“Do I even have to tell you why using homeopathic vaccinations, aka sugar pills, to fight diseases like polio is a bad idea?”

Homeopathy is not sugar pills. Read up on the origins and practice of homeopathy and learn something outside your religion. Respect diverse religious beliefs and scientific discoveries. Drop your bigotry and help us support alternative forms of healing.

I’ve met hundreds of children that have never been vaccinated and who never contracted polio. I also know two people who got polio from the vaccine. I also know hundreds of parents whose children were seriously injured by vaccines, many of whom even won their case in vaccine court. About these people… Yvette doesn’t say anything at all. They will be excluded. Scientism is so good at excluding! How else can a fake world view be kept in place. Exclude any opposing evidence and call it:

  • Woo
  • Pseudoscience
  • Unscientific
  • Not Credible Science
  • Outside of Scientific Consensus
  • Quackery
  • Etc.

People are looking for medical and lifestyle alternatives to the “better living thru chemistry” paradigm and the “pill for every ill” story they are force-fed. What I am doing is showing them other avenues, other possibilities for healing and living. Sometimes people listen, and they are healed. Sometimes they listen and are not healed, and I learn and improve. Sometimes people turn to conventional medicine instead and are not healed. Sometimes they are. There are many factors involved in someone’s healing (Love being the most important on the list). Yet remember: medical science is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Therefore, it must be OK to look at other theories and non-scientism sanctioned Science. Yvette doesn’t want that and neither do the drug companies. No matter how many people die. Just think of the oxycontin-oxycodone debacle. Where is your outrage on the opiate epidemic, Yvette?

The opiate epidemic was created by pill-for-ill scientism and doctors and big pharmaceutical companies!! Where is your outrage? Why are you not protecting those innocent victims of scientism? They listened to their doctors. They took the pills prescribed and became dangerously addicted to opiates. In thousands of cases, their doctors’ advice and the pharmaceutical pills were…deadly. But you spend your time attacking homeopathy? And veganism?

It is OK to discover scams and hoaxes.

It is OK to believe hoaxes exist.

It is OK to believe that corruption exists.

It is OK to believe that organized crime exists.

It is OK to believe that government and government organizations lie.

It is OK to question…everything.

To Yvette d’Entremont: Are you a paid shill for Big Pharma and Big Chemical companies? Is that why there is no outrage?

To the People: Watch her actions. Study her advocacy. This woman doesn’t fight for you; she fights for the corporate broken system to stay in place — and she fights to eliminate even more choices from your menu.

You can see in her article that this wicked witch is absolutely in love with scientism and will not bend to ANY amount of evidence that is outside of her religious belief system. She writes:

“Wolfe has also promoted the specious line of thought that “Big Pharma” tries to keep people sick and covers up cures for major disease because there’s no money in a cure. So of course, he promotes his own bullshit cancer cures like…apricot pits, which he says can fight tumors because they contain a chemical compound called amygdalin.”

She obviously drank the Kool-Aid on that one. How many ER nurses do you know, Yvette? I grew up in that environment. A family of doctors. I went to medical trade shows as a 4 year old. What do you know about the medical world, Yvette? You’re a chemist — you don’t know anything about establishment medicine. I grew up in it. I saw the inside and the drugs and the addictions that eventually destroyed my family member’s lives. One of my best friends, Karen, is an ER nurse in the Palm Desert area of California, and I receive regular updates (usually daily) as to what kind of medical mistakes and medical insanity goes on in just that one hospital. Do you monitor such things, Yvette? You must be after money or something, because such research wouldn’t pay, would it? Especially for a failed chemist who believes she knows everything about what works and what doesn’t in healing.

Do you know the story of amygdalen, vitamin B17, or laetrile? Check out investigative journalist, science writer, and whistle blower Ralph Moss in the documentary Second Opinion (written and directed by Erik Merola). Ralph Moss was shocked at how Sloan Kettering covered up the research of highly respected cancer scientist Kanematsu Sugiura when he demonstrated that laetrile significantly reduced the spread of lung cancer in mice. Check out what Dr. Mercola has compiled on the subject:

You will quickly discover that underneath the slander against alternative cancer treatments like injectable laetrile, a legitimate cancer therapy (laetrile) was covered up — and the cover story of the dangers of apricot pits and apple seeds continues to be reiterated over and over.

Because folks like Yvette who are completely enthralled with scientism and cannot and will not change (they are religious fundamentalists and fanatics), they will actively employ slander, fraud, poor research etiquette, etc., to try to make scientifically valid healing choices unavailable to you. They are philosophically/religiously opposed to it, although they say they are “scientifically” opposed to it. At this point in the article, I am sure you now understand the difference.

From this type of exclusionary behavior, you can see why it is important for all of us to get together and promote every form of healing outside of establishment medicine. The establishment systems want to eradicate legitimate healing treatments via slander, legislation-lobbying, and many other tactics. Pill-for-ill scientism wants to eradicate, dismiss, and/or denigrate the value of these alternatives:

  • chiropractic
  • homeopathy
  • acupuncture
  • diet therapies
  • positive thinking and visualization practices
  • meditation
  • yoga therapy
  • colonics-bowel cleansing
  • essential oils
  • nutrition supplements
  • detoxification protocols, etc.

No matter how poor the success rate of healing by establishment systems of mainstream medicine, scientism fanatics like Yvette will fight to stop medical freedom of choice. They think they know better than you. And that you are a child and need to be protected from “quacks” and “charlatans.” The sheer level of profanity and insults and attacks from these people tells you how crazy the entire situation really is.

Aldous Huxley scientism blog

Yvette goes on:

This charlatan writes: “You can likely eat ‘raw’ chocolate and superfoods to your heart’s content and be fine, heck, you can probably even enjoy using The Zapper if you’re looking for a little thrill. The only thing you’re losing by buying into any of these things is your money. And your dignity. And self respect.”

In all my years, I never heard of someone losing their money, dignity, and self-respect from eating chocolate and superfoods or from using a zapper—which I am sure Yvette has never used nor ever even seen.*

* The belief that zappers don’t work is entirely a religious belief and not based on any experience or evidence. If you haven’t used a zapper consistently, you don’t know anything about it, including its efficacy.

Just look at how absurd and biased is this statement by Yvette:

“When these charlatans offer their cures for serious medical conditions like cancer, well, at best, their advice won’t work, and at worst, it will kill you.”

Scientism and Yvette have, of course, turned their back on cancer survivors, whom I am surrounded by all the time. Those who were given up by the system, listened to a supposed “charlatan” (me), lived on and often even thrived more than ever before. Consider my friend Chris Wark and his 15 years of keeping stage 3a colon cancer in remission after surgery. He didn’t listen to the doctors’ demands for chemotherapy, and he’s still alive. ( Are you going to just exclude the now growing legions of these survivors who used integrative therapies (e.g., combinations of surgery, herbalism, and diet) to heal, or went as far as to avoid doctors and mainstream medicine entirely?

And what about preventing cancer in the first place by avoiding carcinogens such as glyphosate? Prevention of disease has been my main focus. And it works. (

Then in her article, the wicked witch of scientism lays into me on memes.

Let me tell you something, Yvette: Posting memes is about posting messages I care about. I post memes that foster thought. I post memes that engage the inner world of the reader. It doesn’t mean I believe the exact message. It doesn’t mean I live by the message. I often post contradictory messages and puzzles to get people to think more. It means that the message is interesting to me, often fascinating, and I want to pass it along to others. Somehow, these religious fanatics like Yvette get it in their minds that everything I post is a belief I have. Memes aren’t always correct, but then neither is the nightly news! Nobody can be 100% correct all the time, except for scientism of course! And people like Yvette who are always correct.

For the record, I am always moving away from the idea of “belief systems.” Consider this: How many beliefs have you had, that you later found out were incorrect? How many beliefs do you have right now that may later be proven by your life experience to be incorrect? How many people have you believed in, who later stabbed you in the back?

Instead of beliefs, I weigh probabilities instead. I look at all sides of the issue, even the scientism side.

It is OK for people to believe what they want without censorship or threats. People believing what they want is their right as free human beings. Free thinking will not destroy society. What is already and will eventually destroy our society is infertility and developmental disorders caused by millions of tons of environmental toxins being dumped into the food, air, and water supply every year (again: all stamped as safe—until they aren’t—by scientism).

These people believe that better living through chemistry, genetic modification, and more electronics is the way to paradise, whether you believe it or not. They will fight you at all times to keep you from knowing what chemicals are in their genetically modified foods and contaminated water and air; then once you find out, they will deny it and say your research wasn’t credible Science.

As free people, we have no choice but to continue the Fight for Freedom and protect ourselves and our families by taking evasive action: organic clean eating with lots of fruits and vegetables, superfoods, superherbs, air and water purification in our home and work environments, electromagnetic field protection, and regular cleansing and detoxification of our bodies with seasonal fasting on juice and less food, along with detoxification agents such as charcoal and super charcoals so that we can stack the odds in our favor to prevent disease.

I will continue to work for your protection no matter how viciously scientism fanatics, maniacs, and trolls attack me and my family. And make no mistake about it, their next attack on me may not be as much upon me but upon my family, because scientism likes hitting below the belt.

We are up against vicious religious fundamentalists who have no idea that they are programmed to their own detriment, virtually assuring their own self-destruction, pain, infertility, and the destruction of innocent life, all while believing that they are promoting good and protecting “Science.”

Tesla quote scientism blog

Look at scientism’s track record:

  • massive worldwide pollution products such as plastics and plasticizers
  • chronic chemical carcinogen exposure, alliances with military weapons (e.g., Monsanto’s Agent Orange)
  • corruption of real scientific inquiry with dogmatic belief systems (e.g., so that we have no rigorous yearly vaccine safety tests with unvaccinated control groups)
  • epidemics of infertility
  • continuing and devastating environmental catastrophes

These will continue until humanity realizes that scientism’s mechanistic materialism will not solve humanity’s and the Earth’s problems but, in fact, will make them worse and worse.

In spite of all this, these zealots can still be woken from their trance! It is still possible to awaken the hearts and minds of even the most devout scientism promoters. It is worth it to continue to work thru love to help these people in spite of their hate and viciousness.

To You, Yvette, I know that Love can heal you. I know that you can get back on track by actually becoming a good witch of Science, instead of staying on the self-destructive path of scientism. It is obvious to many that you are unhealthy — in your pictures and videos you look sick and in need of help. I trust that you can use more soothing words and less insults in your vocabulary — as you are the one who suffers most from such speech. I hope you may find that place in your heart to love more and hate less; you will benefit and become healthier as a result.


To read more about how Yvette d’Entremont the wicked witch of scientism supports corporate fake science (scientism) and continues her fight to limit and denigrate your freedoms, please review these articles:

Vani Hari the Food Babe exposes Yvette D’Entremont as a paid shill:

Yvette d’Entremont paid by Splenda:

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The SciBabe is neither Scientist nor Babe: she’s Bullshit:

A Final Note:

Remember: scientism excludes! Therefore, scientism is not, and cannot be, scientific.

“A procession of the damned. By the damned, I mean the excluded. We shall have a procession of data that Science has excluded. Battalions of the accursed, captained by pallid data that I have exhumed, will march. You’ll read them—or they’ll march. Some of them livid and some of them fiery and some of them rotten.…The power that has said to all these things that they are damned, is Dogmatic Science. But they’ll march.” ~Charles Fort, Introduction to The Book of the Damned

Charles Fort scientism blog




Applesauce Cake

Applesauce Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting is simple recipe for sweet, tender and incredibly moist, homemade cake from scratch, with ingredients that you already have in pantry.

Growing up, it is safe to say that we were a dessert family.
One dessert that my Mom often made, also a favorite of my Grandma, was this applesauce cake. They both made it in a 9 x 13 aluminum lidded pan, also with the telltale lid rattle I could hear from a mile away.
Most families have a cake or two like this, ones that are made entirely of pantry staples and remind them instantly of home. For me this is that cake.
While I most love chocolate cake, this is the cake that takes me straight back to the childhood to my Grandma’s kitchen.


It’s unclear to me the exact origins of our cake recipe. Many people are familiar with Amish applesauce cake, and it’s a common dessert to find for sale at your local farmers market.
Some recipes use molasses or a tablespoon or two of cocoa powder, shortening, oil or butter but all use applesauce. Most are studded with varying amounts of walnuts/pecans and/or raisins.
Can be topped with cinnamon spiced cream cheese frosting, brown butter frosting, vanilla ice cream and so on or just powdered sugar !
I’m certain our version comes from a newspaper somewhere over the years, and was written down in my Grandma’s lovely cursive on a 3 x 5 index card that has yellowed and browned over time.

For Ingredients And Complete Cooking Instructions Please Head On Over To Next Page Or Open button (>) and don’t forget to SHARE with your Facebook friends