Better Than Pumpkin Dump Cake

first shared this recipe a few years ago, but it’s been so popular I decided it needed new photos and a printable recipe card to go along with it. This is pumpkin pie cake, an amazing update to pumpkin pie that ditches the traditional crust in favor of buttery cake-crumbles. It’s easy to make, feeds a crowd, and will be loved by everyone, even pumpkin pie haters like me. Plus it’ll make your house smell divine.

Pumpkin Pie Cake

The first time I tried this recipe I wasn’t sure what to expect. Pie? Cake? Something in between? Well, it’s definitely part pumpkin pie, creamy and spiced to perfection.

But instead of a crust, the pie is mixed with crumbles made from a yellow cake mix and butter. Half of the crumbles get swirled into the pumpkin mixture, where they stay soft, while the other half goes on top, where they get just a little crunchy.

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