Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Let’s talk about something that’s real important, k?

Pumpkin season.

Lately, it seems super cool to be all anti-pumpkin. I mean, it also seems super cool to be obsessed with pumpkin, which is why the anti-pumpkin people are coming out in full force to say “no, we will not stand for pumpkin spice macaroni and pumpkin spice shoelaces.” But, guys. I’m getting nervous.

I feel like we’re about to have a full on Grease-style feud between two rival gangs and it’s stressing me out.

Can’t we all just get along? Can’t we all just eat or not eat our pumpkin in peace, like respectable adults?

Now, you miiiiiiiight have noticed that I’m on Team Pumpkin Everything. I mean, it’s pumpkin. Why anyone would say no to that is beyond me, but whatever. You do you.

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