This One Text Is Annoying To The Core And You Need To Stop Sending It Right Now

Ever since the advent of smartphones, and with it – the countless texting applications, we have been relying majorly on texting for communication. A lot of us wouldn’t even be able to recall the last time we made a call to a close one unless it was for something urgent. Although texting helps send our message when a call is not feasible, it has its own drawbacks. For example, you can’t exactly understand the emotion behind something conveyed to you. Or, you might be using a word or phrase too often causing annoyance to those you chat with.


As with other ways of communication, texting too involves certain unwritten etiquette. You may be aware of certain rules of it, but might be breaching many day and night. Now, don’t let that form a mountain of guilt in your head. However, you must acquaint yourself with at least the most common of the rules, so as not to unknowingly hurt or irritate your friends. To help you take the first step, we are going to disclose a few texts you must forgo sending at once.

Do you often type ‘call me’ and send it without including any information regarding what it is with reference to? You might want to give up this habit, because experts attribute it to the top spot in the list of annoying texts.

Christine Scott-Hudson, a licensed physiotherapist notes that when you give the recipient no idea of what you wish to talk about over the call, you cause anxiety in them. In case they can’t call you back immediately, their mind will begin cramming with several probable reasons, most of them being worrisome.

She adds that while such a text makes others anxious, it is all the most upsetting for those afflicted with conditions like anxiety, OCD, PTSD, autism, etc.

Daniel Foley, a technology expert, too agrees that the biggest issue with texting is that the tone in which a particular thing is said can’t be comprehended. He emphasizes the importance of adding context along with the text. This lets the reader know whether it is something negative or positive. They can also prep themselves and decide on the urgency of the situation.


Apart from arousing anxiety, a “call me” text also signifies that you hardly attach any value to the other person’s time, says Christine. With a busy schedule, the person you’ve texted needs to prioritize different calls back. Unless they know of the subject of the call to be made to you, they would be confused regarding where to put you on their list.

This obviously doesn’t conclude that asking someone to schedule a phone call with you is abhorring. Scott-Hudson advises that even a teeny bit more information would suffice.


She further explains that one has to be specific with what one needs to talk about. Your text could read something similar to, “Give me a ring to make arrangements for the office trip”. Here you have clearly informed the person of the subject of the conversation. Although “call me” is the worst text to send to someone, there are a few more that are more or less the same agitating. Read on to learn of them.

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